Come And Pray (CAP)™


Come And Pray (CAP)™

How He Wants Us
Waits With Longing
Come And Pray
Come And Pray

Now we fold our
Hands in love
Come And Pray
Come And Pray

God is love,
And happy, gay,
Come And Pray
Come And Pray

God’s people love to pray
For each other, with each other,
God’s faithful never stray,
From each other, sister, brother,

Let us all
Pause today
Come And Pray
Come And Pray

Pain will slowly
Go away
Come And Pray
Come And Pray

Thanks for
All who say
Come And Pray
Come And Pray

split colors outwardly

(of course, I, the undersigned and underexpected, have stopped claiming to practice incessantly that old-fashioned superstitious fetish of praying just to satisfy my touchy-feely and mental masturbation appetite, for truly it is one hopelessly insane belief I’ve had since childhood, to believe in getting a different result by repeating intensely that which proves time and again to be ineffectual, so therefore this is quite obviously nothing more than utter hogwash, or perhaps it is safer to regard it blasphemy supreme, since that could not possibly matter even slightly in any rational discussion.)


4 Responses to Come And Pray (CAP)™

  1. Pootle says:

    When you prayed for me it seemed to work! Thanks!

  2. Frog fingers says:

    One thing nobody ever figured out is how much good it does to forget to do it, to do other things instead of praying, so that “zero” can be tested along with “one” and other concepts. But when we get so tired that starting to pray is like going to sleep, well…

  3. Frog fingers says:

    Of course, that link (to is no good, since they went “poof” at the turn of the year, just now, the other day. Life is full of dying things. We survive on the spoils. This is spoils, but improved upon, with our hands.

  4. Galen says:

    what’s done is done, and what is not done as our best efforts should be deleted, just so that there is no door for there to be sin lying at, in wait, as our constant doubtful companion

    good-bye to doubtful deleters of god

    delete delete delete

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