Hypothetical Questions (HQ)™

(14:48 7/14/2007)
When I first “caught on” to the fact that we can adjust our blog’s configuration at least “six ways from Sunday” which I always thought just meant M-S (mon thru sat) for the “rest of the week except that one day” which has the special meaning, if it has one, if Sunday is the day we meant by all that wordage and verbing. Or is it wording and verbage, and only looks like that other, more similar imposter? Like I was trying to say before I inner-ruptured myself was that when I first saw we could leave sitting out in plain sign any number of virtual “back-in-a-few” signs in the “window” here (even with some other decent O/S besides microslop’s stuff, for anyone who wants to make a page saying it blatantly, it would be so “accessible” as Drew said) to give a clue to anyone checking in for the heck of it. Whatever heck is, of course, assuming it’s not “verboten” by the verboteners-people. Why do I talk of non-entities? So I thought, “Why not? I’ll do that!” which is to say leave out a sign. Here’s your sign. What if you do not see signs?
Hypothetical questions are often asked to illustrate some difficult-to-illustrate point. Some tricky points are harder to draw out and make clear than others. Right their I have used words that have more than one meaning apiece and that mulitplies the number of possible meanings for that short sentence, and in scanning it again I see I spelled “there” the wrong way, or I used the other word and it is not spelled wrong. You really cannot tell, and if I REFUSE to change it, clarify it’s meaning so that it is not ambiguous, or clarify it in some way that shows I really did know exactly what I was trying to clearly convey, or the reason for the lack of clarity, or something of satisfactory nature to convince you I did not mean to be unclear. In other words, “huh?”
If I was, I can keep being clear, using words if necessary. Not just any words (of course) but really short ones, with things this long (sentences) sticking out of them, sometimes just for the point of making the thing longer. Now, if you’ve ever heard that old rather D-irty joke or saying before, then you’ll be recognizing some kind of Elf may be lurking again. Really short guy. Hangs out with the best of ‘em.
For now, whenever I am actually away from my keyboarding area, or more properly know as AFK in normal talk (texting), then I probably will put this blog on “autopilot” with one of the sidebar-linked pages that are not the main post area. This could be it, and in fact, it is on this day (14:48 7/14/2007) while we squeak.
That was a place in Couer d’Alene (ID) spelled some other way maybe and it was called the “Hitchin’ Post” and it was almost like a dream. Good or bad, you be the non-judge. For the next until-further-notice-ufn few time spans as they elaspe, we should realize that the path leads some to be chosened for long detours, not the least of which is that Self Despising Sabbatical (SDS)™ where we internalize all the blame and guilt (bag) again, to make sure we did not miss anything.
Something bittersweet about not regretting those non-painful unforgettable things gone by in the days that surely were not actually happier than all this? So I should be sad to have this much happiness now, if that was all “not worth it” and “gone forever” with anything good I might have accidentally done.
Whatever it might have been. I forget. When I recall “happy” then I might have more to say, if indeed I have really said all that much. Going back over all of this one blog (not to mention several others I’ve started and not maintained) will take a lot more time than I might have planned. If I planned, that is.
I should probably proofread this with me reed again. Well… music is calling, and the night is falling and we gotta get down to a swing down… (or sump’n!) perhaps returning is a future-tense thing?

Bluest Eyes In Texas (Restless Heart)

[ audio=http://espew.com/cgi-bin/spew/297577/Restless%20Heart%20-%20Bluest%20Eyes%20In%20Texas.mp3|leftbg=0x33cc99|lefticon=0x66ffcc|rightbg=0x669900|rightbghover=0xff3399|righticon=0xcc3399|righticonhover=0x33ff99|bg=0x660066|text=0xff33cc|slider=0x993366|loader=0xcc66cc|track=0x663366|border=0xff33cc|loop=no ](defunct)

Bluest Eyes In Texas (but not by Restless Heart)

[ audio=http://espew.com/cgi-bin/spew/352379/bluest_eyes.mp3|leftbg=0x33cc99|lefticon=0x66ffcc|rightbg=0x669900|rightbghover=0xff3399|righticon=0xcc3399|righticonhover=0x33ff99|bg=0x660066|text=0xff33cc|slider=0x993366|loader=0xcc66cc|track=0x663366|border=0xff33cc|loop=no ]

(all colors are beautiful, it is the eyes themselves that capture the beauty, and keep it there!

good operation not guaranteed (gong!)

05:17 7/15/2007

Amie (Pure Prairie League)

relation unknown mostly



26 Responses to Hypothetical Questions (HQ)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    hmm…i’m kinda lost…i tried to call ya earlier today…no answer…you were probably playing your music, or someone else’s music 😉 or at your dear old dad’s giving him his coffee…at any rate…I’m interested to know your answers at the post I put up today…ttyl.

  2. Galen says:

    I saw that you called (twice) and I think I was probably making noises and didn’t even hear the first one at all but was too slow for the second one. And you’re reckonin’ so closely on the “why” of it might scare me (as in: I was playing music to be followed by the morning coffee errand) if I didn’t know you well enough to know you know me well enough (huh?). Good thing I know how you “do that” mind-reading trick.

    You want me to answer those Q’s from my 4-year old point of view? (I’ll get right on it, that’s my usual point of view anyway 🙂 ). I think I can remember how it was when I was 4, too. Lemme ponder… and go over to Dad’s again, but for non-coffee type company. Or sump’n…

  3. Amy says:

    HEY! That “Amie” song…Mom and Dad and I heard it on the Oldies Station yesterday. And… guess what… they spelled it wrong in the song ( 😀 ) but, the point is, that’s the song I was named after. Or so they say. 😛

  4. Galen says:

    I tried to get ’em to spell it the American Way (AW!) but they would not heed my superior wisdom (it figures, they couldn’t see it either, since it might not be “real” anyway) and thus, it is just a little bit too French for my taste (another i-am-kidding remark) and might make me bite my tongue-in-cheek comments like I need to do more often. Bloody French, but I still love ’em! (get it?)

    Still, the question is, more often than what? (the tongue-biting I’ll get)

    Nevermind that, did you know that I had been tentatively “planning” to play it (me play it on the 6-str) while you sang to yourself in the mirror? I assume you know how to do that. I guess we can skip that idea too. That is because my strings will break before I ever get that chance. Besides, I never take chances.

    Right across the pond. Skip it. Like a stone. Hey, somebody was doing that, just the other day, too! 🙂

  5. Galen says:

    Yeah, I know. It would seem that this is the constant part, the cornerstone of my bare cross to bear in the Mixed Metaphor Jungle Of Life Loving You (MM JOLLY!) that my own devious non-creations have stirred into such ongoing frenzies. Or so I want to imagine! 🙂 My ramblings and rantings, as they really are to anyone else, more likely…

    Lotta words there, huh? (so tell me what song you want me to learn?)

  6. Amy says:

    What song I want you to learn? Um….. “More Today Than Yesterday” 😛 😀 😎

  7. Galen says:

    May I ask for you to think of what will be after that (may I?), since it’s already getting “down” in my bag of musical trickery now (maybe I’m at 50% to where I’d think about recording it and putting on here) so thanks for “being predictable” if that’s what it is. I say it isn’t, since you didn’t know you were already telling me which song. So I should have said, which one NEXT? 🙂

    If you want me to point you at it you can hear the crappy version of “Amy” which I spelled the way I wanted to when I did it back around Christmas or whenever that was. We were both “not paying attention” then, let’s say! 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    Sure, I’ll listen to “Amy.” Um. Next song…. *evil grin* “How to Save a Life” by The Fray.

    Random question for you here…
    What does hebdoMADaire mean? Any special significance?

  9. Galen says:

    Well until I get something so I can listen to The Fray I will not be able to get anywhere on learning to play it, unless I can hear it in a dream ahead of time (not that it hasn’t almost happened that way) so if I can find that one (after I look for six or seven others that have “come in” ahead of this new example of one unknown to me which are in the majority by far) we’ll see if we know how to save a life here. Assuming we have a life.

    Sometimes I wonder about that. Life was that game with the little cars and pegs, wasn’t it? That was easy to keep from caring if I was the loser, so then I wasn’t. Hmm… or Mhhh… maybe when I care too much it makes it harder to win! And maybe when I do not want to reach the end I cannot tell if I am winning?

    Wait, that wasn’t your question, was it? Once back a few years when K talked me into blogging I thought up a title for my journal at d-x and wanted something based on the number seven. When I ran across the name of the french medical journal (it is a weekly, or used to be one) it simply “hit the right spot” with me and landed safely in the secure area of “obsessed with that idea” and just does not want to leave.

    It only thought of becoming apparently MAD just recently. I know, I should probably be ashamed or worse, but somehow, I do not feel even “*ahem* sad” which is the same as ashamed, and Ash Mead should be more ashamed. (see those instant anagrams there? eat up!)

    This is my weekly health peer-reviewed journal in french, totally fake.

  10. Amy says:

    I was just seeing if you were paying attention and knew who The Fray was. 😛 Their website is http://thefray.net — I think they have music there. But you don’t have to learn it. It actually has a lot of piano in it. There’s the other instruments, too. Or you could learn “Over My Head (Cable Car)” or “Heaven Forbid” … that’s a really good one.

    Yes, Life was the game with the cars and pegs. I think I only played it once or twice; we didn’t have it at my house.

    Ugh. I’m so extremely tired. It’s my own fault, though…I stayed up too late watching Mary Poppins.

    Let’s go fly a kite,
    Up to the highest height!
    Let’s go fly a kite,
    and send it soaring.
    Up! Through the atmosphere,
    Up! Where the air is clear!
    Oh! Let’s go….fly a kite!

    Regrettably, I must return to work. Take a nap for me, will ya? Spanks. 😎

  11. Amy says:

    BTW, I added you to my friends page ~~ don’t you feel sooooo special? 😀

  12. Amy says:

    Hmmm… obviously I didn’t do that link right… http://tobehis.diaryland.com/friends.html = my friends page. I typed friends page

  13. Amy says:

    Still didn’t work right. Oh well. I’m going to stop hogging your comment space now.

  14. Galen says:

    Please use or hog or sample all the spaciness you can find here, or later! And if you want I’ll try to fix that link so it looks nicer, but it clicks just fine already. clicky clicky

    Yes, I do feel special right now. You can think it’s silly to make so much out of something so little, since it has to be somewhat silly or it would not “ring true” in terms of honesty (counter-intuitively speaking, of course).

    Gosh, now I know what was wrong this morning. I was taking a nap for you. If my friends were not so dog-tired, I might be a bit more peppy myself. Isn’t that just too strange? Except that I am somewhat used to it, myself. (yawn) Where’s my tree, where did I leave it? Did I fall out again? 🙂

  15. Amy says:

    Was it a good nap? I sure hope so. I’m still tired, though. 😦 I usually am after a nap.

    Anyway. What do you do all day?

    And I think you fell out of your tree and bonked your head one too many times. 😉

  16. Amy says:

    What would you do if I started replying to your messages in my guestbook in my guestbook, like you reply to everything I say here in here? I mean, did you ever think that I might not think to check here, so I would never know that you replied here?

    Can you tell I’m really bored? I can’t do anything here at work, because the website I need is closed for maintenance. Whoo-hoo. Only 45 minutes left til I get to go home, though. Then I can EAT, because I’m HUNGRY. Very hungry.

    Um. So now I’m basically just ramlbing to fill in the time. Yup.

    What movies do you like? I already told you that I stayed up too late watching Mary Poppins last night. I also recently watched Beauty and the Beast. … And I cried. How lame is that?

    My brain is mush. Wanna eat it? Then you can be as crazy as I am! Yay!

  17. Galen says:

    I’ve got half a mind to reach into the coal mine and give you a good piece of my mind, young lady, and maybe once and for all put you in your place wherever that is, but how can I ever hope to top that offer of yours? An entire meal for li’l ole me, and it’s on you, and something from the mind and not the heart? How utterly special, I am speechless (with my fingers wiggling) and have no idea what to say now. Or later, either. I think you have fingerprints all over you, and don’t know it. Could be a matter for CSI but I do not know how to detect that at all.

    Once again yov’ve quickened me to the cut and sent me to my nailbeds, screaming silently around the world. What is it about that idea that scares me? Perhaps it is the uncertainty!

    Gosh, where did all of my time go, I know I had more of it earlier? Is it later already? How did that happened? I’d really like to know why, is what! 🙂

  18. Amy says:

    Time…. Time….

    “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

    I sure hope you were having fun!

  19. Galen says:


    I am unsorry to say I do not remember any fun recently that was all that much beyond the normal amount (where I can think that I enjoy what is happening even when it is not what I had wanted and might even be the opposite) yet… what was the implied question, or was there one, again, dear? Oh, wait, this is where I should explain things.

    Yeah, this one part was more fun than the rest, which just didn’t match up to the one time there where I had fun (beyone my wildest expectations, that is). That one really *was* something, lemme tell ya. No, I got that wrong too.

    I cannot tell you about it, and it might not be the most fun I ever had anyway. Probably wasn’t. Pretty sure it wasn’t.

    [ … ]

    Nope, not even after Orion’s Belt was it the most fun ever.

    😉 that was somewhat cryptic, wasn’t it? either that or it was meaningless! 😀

  20. Amy says:

    Cryptic and meaningless both. You mean to say you have never had fun in your life? Shocking. 😉


  21. tearsofmine says:

    hmm well hi there

  22. Galen says:

    A & L~

    hey, hi, howdy! (honey, am i home yet? i have my lame apology all prepared, whew!) Sorry I was paying some other kind of attention this morning, and was seemingly elsewhere, but now it seems worth forgetting, so I guess we can!

    I have never had fun outside of my life, actually. Not that I am aware of it, that is. Oh, what is fun anyway, except when it happens, or when we remember it? Sure, we can imaging imagine future fun, but what might not be fun about it is if it does not happen, unless we did not really want for it to happen.

    What could that possibly mean? I will have fun thinking about it! 🙂

  23. Galen says:

    I was right. I had fun thinking about it. And now, if I stop thinking about it, it does not seem like fun. In fact, it does not seem like anything, if I do not think about it. How could it? It would not be any fun if it did that (my life), seeming like it is fun, without me thinking about it, because I would much rather be involved in the process and not just along for the ride. Maybe there is no spoon-fun? Well, I never learned to ride spoons, like some silver-tongue champion breakfast eaters always do. Never learnt that particular trick, nor partricular tick. (what EVER that means)

  24. Galen says:

    While I hunt for some other items, I feel compelled slightly to move this tune into another regular post on my fence of writing things on the wall which is not here for the tears we have shed for the dead we miss with our feelings of life going on. Long sentence, that.

    Long forever, us. 🙂

  25. Charlie says:

    What if there were no such things as Hypothetical Questions?

    Then I could never ask that question; but I also would not need the answer.


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