I wanna BOP with you, baby…

One Hundred Blessings Or Paybacks (OH, BOP!)™

A box just for wishes, or prayers, is certainly not my original concept. We can try to keep the box inside our hearts and minds, and it really ought to be enough doing it that way, unless we feel compelled to achieve ambitiously. Then, it might be a numbers game. If I had one hundred people in my circle of friends, I would only have a few minutes each day that I could spend with each of them on any given day, unless I were to keep some kind of menu or schedule on the project. Apparently, any big list of friends might become a roster of neglect and ignoring, old mates trying not to feel abandoned. Nobody ever did well with that feeling, as far as I could see. If I seem to have abandoned anyone, it is illusion. What we want and what we can actually do have a difficult time lining up for success, unless we listen to Him.
Besides, this is a list of names only, and it is not even a one-to-one mapping anyhow. Many more than 100 people will be blessed in answer to this, if prayers are — if any have ever been heard. I have highlighted for emphasis some names having greater significance to me, usually that I have more than one individual soul in my association with that name. For the primary example, consider Jennifer. She was the girl down the street, but also the daughter of the Drews family at our church when I was only 10 years old; she was at least five different students (all female, we believe) at my high school even when I worked as an aide after uni, but later she was the one married to my nephew Derek until someone better showed up (so they are not on my list for now). Much later when I got busy on the web, I “met” several more at a message board, associated with yet-another-Jennifer, and she — the one I never did get to meet — is the unexpected and incredible guru-person whose musical treasures re-opened my mind and heart up to the prospect of finding my eyes again, after I had nearly gone all the way to sleep. And lately, fatigue seems to be returning, so we’ll pray it may just be another nap…
These people have all been benefactors, or other factors, in the play-dough factory that rigorously extruded my lengthy chain-molecule of protoplasmic hodgepodge, resulting in such spurious noise on the Internet. God (or His absence) created and continuously has blessed this entire world, sinners and saints alike, with many unseen treasures. On the other hand, with my mind and heart, trying to sprout eyes (possibly for dan quayle’s potatoe), I have seen an abundance of wonderful creatures made in the image of their Maker, whether knowingly or not, and I love them all, wishing now to “prove” it here, to wit, please, God, please PLEASE be close to these of Yours, and let them know they are loved and blessed:

  1. Allie † (Grandma, primarily… R.I.P)
  2. Ally
  3. Amanda
  4. Amber
  5. Amy
  6. Andrew
  7. Angelina
  8. Annette † (R.I.P.)
  9. April
  10. Arthur
  11. Audrey
  12. Barry
  13. Barbara
  14. Beverly
  15. Bobbi
  16. Bradley
  17. Bruce
  18. Carol
  19. Cathy (various spellings, even with K)
  20. Charles (we called him Charlie)
  21. Charlotte (we called her Chuck if not Char)
  22. Chris (her or him)
  23. Clydeen (She loathed her name…)
  24. Curt
  25. Danielle
  26. David
  27. Debra
  28. Donald
  29. Douglas
  30. Duane (Dad, and others, but not myself…)
  31. Earl
  32. Edward (Ed, Eddie…)
  33. Ellie (heart)
  34. Elva
  35. Emily
  36. Enaud
  37. Esmerelda
  38. Frank
  39. Gina
  40. George † (R.I.P.)
  41. Ginger
  42. Grace
  43. Hazel
  44. Heather
  45. Isaac
  46. Jackie
  47. Jane
  48. Janet
  49. Jennifer (most prominently and plentifully)
  50. Jerry
  1. Jesse
  2. Jessica (also Jessie and cetera)
  3. Jim † (James varieties, some are left… (R.I.P.)
  4. Jeannie
  5. Joan
  6. Joanne
  7. Jodi
  8. John
  9. Joe † (Joseph lengthwise, some went on…)
  10. Joshua
  11. June
  12. Kate
  13. Kara
  14. Karla
  15. Kelly
  16. Ken (many Kenny Kenneths…)
  17. Krissy
  18. LaVeda † (R.I.P. mommy)
  19. Layla
  20. Larry
  21. LesleyAnne
  22. Linda
  23. Lindsay
  24. Lisa
  25. Louise
  26. Meagan also Megan, vowel economics…
  27. Melissa
  28. Michelle
  29. Neil
  30. Nellie † (Grandma, prominently… R.I.P)
  31. Paul
  32. Paula
  33. Pat (Patrick, Patricia, many many…)
  34. Rachel
  35. Rebecca (Becky, of course…)
  36. Rick
  37. Robert (even some named Bob…)
  38. Ron
  39. Sara (or with H)
  40. Sophia (heart)
  41. Steve (Stephen and variations)
  42. Thomas (or Tom, like my cousin, and…)
  43. Timothy (Tim… after Tim… yet again)
  44. Tina
  45. Tricia
  46. Vesta
  47. Wayne
  48. Yolanda
  49. Zena
  50. Zoe

With this appealing list of one hundred souls most precious, to me at any rate, I could comfort myself thinking I have not left off the one for the sake of the 99, but that is a nice little lie for me to think that I left nobody out. The best I could claim is that I did not want to make omissions. But I’ve already thought of at least five names I did not put on here, so 100 is not enough. This is just a demonstration of trying not to forget anyone, and failing at it since I can always find my mistakes, given enough time and consciousness.

So, apparently, can just about anyone else. Mysteriously somehow, thoughts of giving up just keep flying by, unheeded. Once I learn how (and if) to maintain properly polite silence, perhaps then I shall then begin stopping.



One Response to I wanna BOP with you, baby…

  1. Galen says:

    I wonder why anyone even looks at this page, but then, have I not joined that group by looking, and worse, actually leaving my ugly marks in here for everyone to see or ignore, thus removing all doubt as to whom wears the crown of “IDIOT”?

    I went and told. What a dlot.
    er, dolt i mean 🙂

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