Odd Utterance, This (OUT)™

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ the ogres I love eat toast =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
Toast is made by taking bread and re-baking it after slicing.
=+=+=+=+=+ we now pause, for this important message =+=+=+=+=

I saw this and remembered that I do not usually remember to “follow” what the salesmen want me to get “into” on the tube. These days one need not actually watch any moves, TV shows, read any books or even pick up one single copy of anything written in any kind of words and not even the so-called Word, since it all shows up on the internet, and much of it is at YouTube, which (similar to the library at Alexandria in the old, hot days) is going to have to die simply because it is becoming “too useful” in terms of actually sharing information. Those who would “own knowledge” and want to control our awareness will always try to burn down the bigger libraries so that they can charge us and bleed us to give us the permission we should need from them to learn about anything we might want to know about, including the God we believe in instead of the $uprem Ma$ster that the $erve $o $weetly, and well they do, as well!

Thanks (from me at least) are in order for someone guarding “our food chain” more closely than I have been smart enough to be doing. I guess I fell asleep at the table.
When you hear this sound, you will remember hearing it before (except for the first time you hear it, but that’s over with in “no time”) and it means that I will be back here (which is not really anywhere) as soon as I can. Once I return, my absence will completely disapper, as if by magic, almost like it was never there (my absence, that is). Or maybe I was never here anyway! 🙂
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ hello goodbye or goodbye hello =+=+=+=+=+=+=
=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ or this flipped out version +=+=+=+=+=+=+=
By request, but not buy! reek! quest! we have found too many!
So limiting it to only four, and I’ll have to play with them!
On my six string thing which can ring but I will not answer!!
(what was the question again? how does the song go?)

And this would be for my tears, to fall, like rain, in mines.

We leave this one in perpetual motion now, it is not Thursday
but it might be that day “somewhere” forever in my heart!♥♥♥♥
=+=+=+=+=+ what do heavenly heartbeats sound like? +=+=+=+=+=

Not like this, that is certain. My fingers bleed. My heart 2!

Wait peacefully, Angie, as our souls rage one war in finding.
=====================>====== YOU ======<=====================


10 Responses to Odd Utterance, This (OUT)™

  1. Amy says:

    Hello goodbye???

    ♫ I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello!
    Hello, Hello!
    I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello! ♫

    You know, I never have heard that entire song. Maybe you should find it and post it for me. 😛

    Would you believe that this is the first time I’ve been on the computer all day? I’m going to go make an entry about it. See you soon!

  2. Galen says:

    I shall be on the hunt (may have already run across it and did not grab the info, which means I am looking again) for that, and perhaps it would go well with Your Mother Should Know and then perhaps I could also get up and dance to the music, which I cannot and never did much since I was making the stupid music so the others could dance.

    Sometimes (even recently) I go whole days without using the ‘puter and of course that means I do not even get online, and when I try to make something (such as recording a new or old redone song) I might not even use the computer. Since it does that recording and playback function, I use the computer instead of the old style recording gear (reel-to-reel tape, mixing boards, smart-ass engineers witn no musical gift whatsoever, you know the type, and the greedy managers who can’t play a note to save their souls).

    My first choice for anything is never the computer, but of course you cannot really find a meaningful way to really get hold of the web without one. Other things will let you watch, but not become a real player, in the web of life we are now so eager to use for major deceptions unlike the old ones since they are now HUGE games and HUGE ideas and HUGE plans (of which I have none). So, the web is the thing I tolerate, but no longer love, like I once did, and I will not leave it until I die, even if it is cruel to me.

    The Internet reminds me a lot of that marriage I thought I wanted. (still do, but don’t). If it is similar in another way, the Internet will “divorce” me so it can find a better lover.

    There are not very many lyrics in a song like this one, hello/goodbye. But it is still meaningful, and it is whole, it just is not complicated.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Galen says:

    I forgot to say: this is 19 with the alt key:

    Apparently 19 is very exciting. I forget…

  4. tearsofmine says:

    i miss angie. 😦

  5. tearsofmine says:

    i’m sending u an email. check ittt, please

  6. Galen says:

    You know I will check and read and ponder and pray after reading anything from you, wherever it is found, even if I am snooping. My bad, or good, to be concerned if you feel unwell. My hidden agenda, out in the open. ♥ ♥ ♥

    I’m still playing along with, and not recording anything for awhile, that one song there, over and over. The feelings go up and down. I try to ride along with you. We pierce ourselves with many sorrows, because it really is love, my dear. Dad is waiting (again) for his coffee. I have somewhat rudely explained the facts and the priorities to him again. I am so bad, or good.

    Do not always quickly take that so-called first choice. You would not even notice the order if you did not see more than one choice. On the other hand, some things you cannot really try out ahead of time. You just commit and then accept.

    I’ll accept my next assignment anytime, ma’am, when I hear it the way I see I think I feel it!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ (add more, forever)

  7. tearsofmine says:

    her smile reminds me of an angel…i still miss her…

  8. Amy says:

    That was prompt; thank you.

    And I didn’t sing…Dad made it on time, so he and Mom sang as planned.

  9. Galen says:

    14:38 8/8/2007

    One of the ways many of the other musicians I ever worked with and I (myself, here, present) often differed was what to do about not being in the best of condition to perform. Of course in your case it was more of the case of being invaded by something else, but in our cases it was often something that came out of six-packs and half-cases, and full cases or kegs, or bottles or jugs or flasks. Containers of different ilks. Ilk containers? (huh? nose dripping after laughing cows say cheese? that was random!)

    My suggestion was to have lots of different instruments involved overall so that we were not using all of them in any one song most of the time, just using some of the instruments, and also some cross-training (I could easily play bass, for one other thing), and if (for example) I had sore fingertips I could do more keyboard stuff and not so much fretboard work. The key is knowing when to fret and when not to unkey yourself the wrong way. Do not unkey the monkey, see? (hehehe)

    Also I’ve noticed I can actually listen more intently when I do not sing. But I also do that “play the windpipes” instrumental which (as we all know unless we know nothing) is the only part of the song (usually, if not always) has all the words (Lyrics? My own dear old Dad’s own middle is Cyril (ModoDomiC?) and he has always hated it!) in the song that give it a story or something, if it has one.

    Or you can just go la-la-la like in that one up there where Paul forgot the lyric and just mumble-bumbled it. If you didn’t hear that part it’s the second Beatles song in the four part player (they had much better harmonies than the Stones, in my earful opinion, but Jagger’s lyrics are phenomenal in some of their more “atypical” works, like Angie you hear here).

    Perhaps if I ever decide to set down the git-box I’ll fire up the old pneumatic wailer again. (my voice has to have some kind of name, doensn’t it?)

  10. Galen says:

    I think I will close off the commenting here, so you’ll have to click some other page, or go to the posts, if I have left this as the front page, now. It is getting far tooooooo long in the tooth, like they say, of us old dogs.

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