She Was Inspiring Faith Then (SWIFT)™


Someone known (somewhat, somehow) to me sang this once, during a time of frustration, one of those periods we go through, or experience, or live, and she did not like the quality of the recording. In terms of ideal quality, it is “no contest” as far as I could argue; yet I disagree about the “liking” of it (completely), so much so that I have kept this thing around, so I could show it off if I felt like it.

People like to show off things that they have, whatever those things are. So, for that amount of similarity, this is like a tattoo. However, it has no pain in it whatsover, which is what some people say is “not wrong” with the process of having tattoos as your hobby or main “thing” that people identify you with, or by, or “as” representing. So here are some sounds made into the same tattoo that was made long ago, in my heart-of-hearts. To her, the singer of this, and also the author of the original work, and to the author of both of those workers, I give whatever undying LOVE a man can actually have, for no matter however she’s doing now, it has to be how it was supposed to go, and (I’ll pray on this for myself), “may I please finish this?” — the automatic player version is not working — before the beats of said suspsicious blood-pumping organ (mine) should cease. First, the way I did it the first time, when I wished to show the work of a real woman’s woman (she’s married legally to another woman who is a legal eagle herself), but I’m leaving that art out of this. My dodge is showing again, I guess. Dodgy, that’s what Layla called me; I remember it well, for the sweetness.

Randomly I found this old .wav file of someone named Steph singing something named “Faithful To Me” and it occurred to me, I could make the mp3 and all that junk, but I would not presume to be helpful to anyone at this point, or at any point. Pointlessness is my focus.
–g (as in “green”)

13:35 3/9/2007

(in case you, or y’all, ya’ll, yal’ll, even yew-wall done gone went and missed this here treat of peerlessness and stuff back on Groundhog Day, G.D. it all anyway?, i have repacked it!)
19:24 3/9/2007
alas, this STILLLLLLLL does not work!??!?! 😦
break time!
pout time!
crap time!
or something?


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