Adeste Fidelis (AF)™


This is the dirty version. Nothing else to say, except you can loop this one too, it’s under a minute that way, you could make three end-to-end, then go around with your iPod and sing carols to the less well-off in your neighborhood. Caroling at yuletide is nothing to do these days. You can’t buy it. So, if it has no accessibility appeal, no fast reward, no instant gratification, then why (the holy fuck) should anyone bother?

No clue here.

To quote myself:

This is Adeste Fidelis (Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful) with all the settings set just way too high, and with me playing with “attitude” such that I am only going to play it this one time and that will have to do. If anyone doesn’t like it, it is easy enough for ANYONE including me to play it better.

I know that. Do your really think you know more than me? Well, let’s hear it then!!!

Play it at odeo, or here:

THE DIRT (Converge Soon)


When and IF I cut a cleaner version, it will be for my wake or
for my slumber, or for leaving my gift at the altar and going,
as in leaving along with no one at my side, my own way, since,
as instructed, I did not resolve the issue I had with being a
true brother; we do not discuss *every* big manly-thing among
the women. But married “Christian” guys are in charge now, as
they say it’s okay now, baby, if “Daddy” says so, to be gaily
dancing around naked with our noodles hanging out, and figure
out who is the coolest tool of us all like we always have!!!

I’ll leave the planet of the apes. Thinking about nukes, and
soon, like Tanas. Tis the own-ey weigh to be sure. Vermin.

It has god’s lovelist and best SHIT running the show now!



2 Responses to Adeste Fidelis (AF)™

  1. Galen says:

    is this the big G or is this the little g talking now? idiotic, either way, is a safe bet, would’t ya say?

  2. Galen says:

    duznt no how to spel fideles?

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