Songs (S)™

For more “outlet of expression” or just ooe the PAGE part instead of the POST part of the blog structure in this platform will be explored, or whichever way I shoulda said that there idea, if you get it. Maybe if I get it is more like it. Point is, the daily diary idea is dead for me.

I never did that anyhow, and the “gardening” that Elaine said I should pursue is not possible. So I try a different type of planting it, my work, my productive result, whatever “it” might be. If it works, it works. If it dies, it dies. It has to do with the nature of what I try to plant. If it is death-based, it will die.

Seems that gainful employment has ended for me, and I now become a sponge. This is not the soaking I would have planned. Great. Just Great. Wetness.

Now, on with (perhaps more) Music Only Now (MON)™!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Et cetera, so be it, amen.


3 Responses to Songs (S)™

  1. Galen says:

    This layout looks like it might be just a little green. Whaddya think?

  2. Galen says:

    Mountain Dew, anyone? mmmm… need my buzzzzzzzz

  3. Lee jones says:

    I’m looking for the words to a song called “That Good Ol’ Mountain Dew”
    It is an old mountain folk song about making “moonshine”, an illegal liquor.
    I am a folk singer, mand would like to have the lyrics. I know the music. Thank you

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