In Stasis (IS)™


Statis in the pure sense means no change. Totally unchaotic.
No events, no appearance or disappearce. Flat, dull, boring.

Sounds like death, if life means change, and growth, &c.

For now, if I can concentrate, the pursuit of newly recorded
works with the results produced somehow having been aided in
some detectable way by my “insight” or “defect” as it were.

Thus, I could just put up a big red RECORDING sign,
flashing in neon with a beat so we can dance and sing.

Anybody got one they ain’t a-usin’ now?

Hand it over, bruddah! (or sistuh!)

Might mean I shall seem not to touch this thing for a while,
maybe not until after the 25th. Or, I will feel urged by the
unidentified motivator again, and not be able to focus away.

Away is what makes people think that you are gone. Like as
in “gone for good” which always means a bad thing.

UPDATE: They must be reading my mind…
New features get added by the magnificent team here, so now we have yet another way to put non-worded communicators for the trekkers of the web journey to pick up and flip open. Here is their latest, with something that sounds like yet a wonder ‘nuther song I think might have been about me: [sonific d753a2b6f89dc5d2e533db76a39f2d33b9bd6a61] Somebody I know bought this album. Now I can learn the song and (even if I didn’t know it already) get really good beat going on someone else’s favorite “thang” since that is what sets the professionals apart from the experts (and also the amateurs, who simply ♥ LOVE ♥ to do it.

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