Al Yankovic Eyes (AYE)™


No doubt I would love to spend more time being a “true”
Weird Al Fan (WAF)™ but then I would not be weird too.
Well, not my own weird, but a mixed-mode werid.

Wired, I meant. Werid is not weird, driew! (there was
this guy named andrew at tektronix when we started…)

AlCast episode 1 on ODEO™ is here… listen sometime on their site…
AlCast episode 1 on ODEO™

Or check it out now:

Perhaps I’ll put Al at my front door for now. Not has
a recent comment been heard but once, like him, some
would sometimes say. The eyes. Windows. Vista. Hmmm…

Something else later, perhaps.

We’ll see.

Won’t we?

(lettuce laugh ants sing now!)