More Audio Candles (MAC)™


Here are more song things found during the endlessly (somewhat enjoyable) searching. The only problem really is that locating, previewing, selecting, and then presenting these is somewhat time-consuming in itself, and then (to think of this part) factoring in the time that it might take anyone to try going through much of it makes it seem like there is more to do than can be done. That is true: the possibilities far exceed the number of events that will occur. Things cannot go more than one way when they finally do happen, but until they do, multiple choices would seem to exist. Yet we will accept (somehow, even reluctantly to the “max” often) the outcome and go on with what is left. The remainder. The remnant. The dregs, except not the type of dregs which are ultimately lost and forgotten. The type that finally finds its actual good purpose after much waiting is the type of dregs that we find for the remainder of life after the disasters have past us. The older we get, the more of those there are to remember.

Yet here we are, knowing that whatever next disaster comes along, we will be in the dregs, again. (da, or russian for “yes”)…
these are more song-candles for that cake-thing I was making-baking for my love-friend who I have not yet exactly met only I do know that I shall, someday. some everlasting typoe of day.

[starting here]











† … ♥ 😀
we need at least three more to get “current” here, or another three dozen, AT LEAST! (C) 🙂


2 Responses to More Audio Candles (MAC)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    thanks for the well wishes. and it was good to talk to you earlier. 🙂 have a lovely rest of your Sunday.

  2. Galen says:

    it already got better and so it will again! 🙂
    thank YOU!!! too! two!

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