Spinning, As In Looping (SAIL)™



KT Tunstall – Black Horse And The Cherry Tree


This is one of my favorite examples of doing as much and as well as anyone could at what she knows how to do, and with (apparently) nobody else involved. Of course, that’s ridiculous (the part about nobody else) since if that were true, we’d not be watching the thing in the first (or second) place. Yet, that’s a lot of music out of one woman who’d have to be described (sooner or later, by somebody) as a veritable powerhouse. For me, this is something to admire, no matter who is doing this, or even (I would have to suppose) if something other than another human (such as a dolphin, maybe) were doing the amazing bunch of stuff.

And she is, to me, doing an amazing bunch of stuff. It reminds me of the confusing bunches of stuff I once did. In fact, the cables and cords on the floor were very much like a bunch of lazy snakes just lying there, flicking their forked tongues and making barely discrenable hissing noised, waiting to grab the ankles and pull me down. Some may wonder if there were hallucinations in the music business then, or even now, but that was just my way of “looking at things” then, and now, for the descriptive quality that it gives. Watch out for those snakes, boys, we’d say. Of course, the correct snake was the big fat multi-channeled cable assemble that was about as fat as an anaconda that went from the stage area (when we had that much of an arrangement or platform).


Oddly, I have no fear of snakes, but all those wires and even the pedals and footswitches were “a problem” for me, even when I actually could walk like a normal person (more or less) without tripping over a hair or speck of dust (like now), so it really “pleased” me when I saw Kate doing this (okay, I don’t know her personally but that is actually her name) very unique number (one-man bands of the olden days aren’t actually missed, but this would have been better, even then!) the first time, about a year ago, on the telly or TV or tube (it was only one of those).

Meanwhile, I think I need to sail away, but I have no boat, and no sea, and not even a stupid duffel bag, so I’m stuck in the mud. That figures. Even when I was a kid, my dad called me stick-in-the-mud. He always liked being right, too. So how come he wanted me to get stuck in the mud, is what I wonder, a lot now, since I am.



Spinning, As In Looping (SAIL)

Spinning, As In Looping
poison pinning signal
spangling sin opinion
opposing nail innings

You should go look at the last post made in here, done in honor of and for someone who is too young to realize it, and does not even know me (the kid in the pic there, he will never know I did this, far as I can tell) and see what happiness looks like. Even to me, and I am nowhere near able to see things like this for myself, so I like it that I can see them indirectly.

Love Is Only Natural (LION)™


In lighter news, the boy died after the tree limb fell on him. The man died after he drove off the road into the river and almost drowned, but went ahead and died anyway. And the lady who disappeared on my birthday was at the bottom of the river too, only they didn’t find her when the water was deep back there in the wintertime. Now that her car and carcass were getting in the way of the recreation, we can get her back where she wasn’t supposed to belong yet. She was supposed to go home, but got lost on the way. At least she stopped to ask directions first. A man probably would have just gotten lost without asking anyone to help.

That’s rather morbid, isn’t it. So, I guess that’s how life ends up. Morbid.

Only reason I can call it lighter news is that we did not know these folks personally, and their fates are now known (although now we know not with happier endings) and that heavy feeling of not knowing will go away. We can lighten up, at least on these few things. Sure, more troubles will come with the next storm. We will weather that one, too, whatever it is. Whoever we are.


Right now, the choice seems to be (for me and my endless searching) to figure out what I think about the works of Kat McPhee and Imogene Heap, since I have had almost no exposure to their music (yes, this means I am officially “out of it” when it comes to culture and what makes a man worth knowing) so I got some work to do.

Then there’s that old ISO adage about “what happens if you get hit by a bus? what are we supposed to do then?” and that part is obvious, just like it was when I worked for those enlightened folks who had nothing but more $$$ and more $$$ and more $$$ on their lovely minds: you can ignore me, like you always do.

There is no puzzle. There is no spoon. There is no god. There is no truth.

Nothing was meant to be taken seriously, even if it was.

That was what they taught me.



3 Responses to Spinning, As In Looping (SAIL)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    *Waves* hope you have a great day today.

  2. Galen says:

    Aw, thanks! Well, I hope your day goes better than my expectation for mine — being a little more than I wanted to handle today (that’s how it goes). Maybe after it’s over (today, I mean) we’ll check and see how it went! 🙂

  3. Galen says:

    You could never do enough (or is that too much) for someone, you know, even if her name was not anything at all like Lisa, or had a sister, or anything.

    Whatever happened to June? Was it even here? Seems like it just sailed away 😦

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