Anno Mundi

Curiously refreshing or soul smashing (cross?) is this method of calendar date terminology, based on the year of the world (named mundi) which began according to the creation plan from (somewhat ambiguously) various ancient scriptural historical accounts existing today in both the physical artifact forms and our wonderful web of many places to look for lots of whatever you might want (or not want) to have for the price or even free quite often (like this place) where anyone could and easily does express or offer any point of view or pointless distraction for that matter (or no matter), so does this even matter? (maybe)

Thus we could anticipate the date of the next coming year either in our commonly used familiar method citing A.D., rather than A.M, and be fairly confident that it is almost 2008. Jumping back to the A.M. version, considering what’s left of this year, next year most of it would be nearly 5769 or something like that, since it is already 5678 5768 (it has been since 09/12). Refer to Rosh something. Extra credit for the “something” filled in correctly!

Meanwhile, credit is simply credit. If you spend it, it is gone. I guess.

Why am I writing this? Anno Mundi?

Oh, yeah, I rememeber now. If we use another system, say perhaps A.L., then we get another different number, which here would be simply 6008. Also what almost got forgotten was to point out that 2008 could be re-interpreted as letters to spell ZOOB, and 6008 would be GOOB.

Just thought it ought not to get not caught. Catch?

behold, anagram time has shown up discretely somewhat:

|| Catch Anno Mundi == (favorites list)
|| (favorites item) | any-im-pertinent remarks

|| Aim Dutch Cannon | careful, it’s chocolate!
|| Damn China Count | go ahead, break some!
|| Damn Chaotic Nun | anyone could have a bad day, c’mon
|| Cinch Nomad Aunt | good grief, won’t she stay home?
|| Not Uncinch Adam | hey, ain’t that dude dead?
|| Had Cut Cinnamon | diluting the spice, seems weird
|| Nomadic Can Hunt | going after game again, gaga?
|| Can’t Mound Chain | like, trying to make yer rope pile up high?
|| Undo Manic Chant | say this in reverse esrever ni siht yas!
|| Hand Contain Cum | eeeewwww!! again????
|| Contain Much DNA | sure, brag about it…
|| Cantina Chum Nod | friend fell asleep at the saloon?
|| Aid Canton Munch | me likey eating chinese, too!!!
…and so forth, there are many, just from Catch Anno Mundi (CAM)™
except the CAM part was not there in any of those. You could add
your own CAM if you have one, but is that something optical, or,
in a different useful way, could it be an offset lumpy wheel?

You must provide your own version of CAM if you need one!!!
My use of the CAM is the reverse, of it, which is MAC, and,
again, I do not have one of those, either, or neither. (!)
and then of course, another rearrangement nicely noticed:
|| Year Named Mundi == Undermined Maya | oh, them?

¤¤¤¤bath suds¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤b¤a¤th¤¤¤s¤u¤¤d¤s¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

¤ ¤
¤Meanwhile, let it be remixed again, libra!(temporarily it loops, til…)Now one-shot, thanks to the commentators for their support(s) and being such good sports!!! I mean, spirits! I mean, supporters! I mean, I mean, I MEAN!…!…!¤
04:59 11/6/2007
yet another minor change/addition here:
10:47 11/7/2007


3 Responses to Anno Mundi

  1. Amy says:

    Man, I hate myself sometimes…I just typed up a comment, but I have this habit of hitting tab then enter when I’m done with comments, because in most places, that works to submit the comment. But here, hitting tab and enter takes you to the top of the page and erases your comment. It’s so annoying! ☻

  2. tearsofmine says:

    oooh hurrah!!! thanks for putting that song up! 🙂 and i will have to come back later to re-read the post…i am tired.

  3. Galen says:

    A: Yeah, that can really suck the happiness out of ya (didn’t it?), I know. Well, if I am not mistaken it is the luck of the draw (whether we believe in luck or in drawing), that thing happens on some of the layout/template schemes here, so if I change it you might not experience that joyful stumble for a while. This one right here now (21:54 11/3/2007) is “Benevolence” which seems arguably somewhat ironic in that it goes “the wrong way” with the tab key (and it does, like you said). If anything can go wrong, it will, said Murphy. Some have said I could gag a maggot. Seems harsh, to me!

    L: It will get redone more than once again, indeed! Next maybe three guitar tracks and one vocal of this or some other number, completely with (un)original (non)artist(s) from somewhere. It beats chasing cars! All my excuses are lame ones, anyhow, if you know what I mean, or even if you do not kwim! First, though, I must stop all this loopiness of players. One-shot is plenty good enough when it hits the mark! Did you notice KT’s right arm up there in the header, and is it interesting that I used the black version of the guitar she has there in that tilted view I made up out of things I found?

    I find things.
    I do.

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