Test Area (51) Thanks Awfully (TA-TA)™


(unintended suggestion? what is this, three men (or similar) and a lady, with ME in the offset middle, thnx!?!)

supposedly, it is just this easy to chain the audio links and tweak the gadget somewhat:

Continuous loop:

Once through:


15:19 3/6/2007

So if any one in the chain is broken, the whole thing gets hosed. Here are each of the pieces, looping not looping. Turn off one before starting another or they will play together. You could actually set up a little “orchestra” this way if you wanted to. I sometimes feel like trying “outrageous” things but then I realize I have no time for them. That is when I just do not even start up at all. This is my way: make up your mind first, then stick to what you started. The concept of “try before you buy” is a nice one, but the thing you use for your “trial” is not new after usage, and yet we all want to pretend we have not “done anything wrong” to the thing we “tried” before buying and then decided not to buy.

PEOPLE always like it when you decide to try them and then reject them. They always just LOVE it!!!

Either that or the bad feelings they have are the most worth ingnoring of all, and that works too. IGNORE 04:35 7/6/2007 bad spelling always unless of course it is better corrected, like stupid Galen always eventually does if he does not “die trying” or laughing which hurts much less!!! 😉 (also get these loops to stop “spinning”, so we can get that sense of “closure” we all crave)

Appears that I have the need to secure a suitable “witch” replacement! (ironic indeed)



2 Responses to Test Area (51) Thanks Awfully (TA-TA)™

  1. Galen says:

    Well, it almost “feels” like streaming audio, even on my dial-up. We can use our imaginations at this end. Wonder if anyone will even notice this? I will wait, then put it in as one of the normal blog posts in the normal roadway or wall of words or whatever this thing is that I have decided not to stop doing, yet.

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