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Pets Agree:
Page Steer
Seep Great
Steep Rage,
Greet Peas!
(Grease Pet!)

This article is rated PPSSGG!!

smile smile
The previous contents of this page have been transcribed into the page now known as “Peter Sage” or it could have been in the Peer Stage but we had nothing to show for that. No show, no go. Windy blow. No.

So here we now have the page that might be the directory if there were really the decent directory one might expect or presume to have waiting here. The guide that anyone would consult if someone wanted to find out what was here and where to find which of whatever it is. So here is the list of things, that could appear automatic-like on the sidebar, except I am taking that away now, so that you have to look at this page, if I leave this page where you can “see” it. If I do not leave this out in the “open” so-to-speak (or type) then anyone who did not save any bookmark or shortcut or favorite or link thingy will not be able to find any of it again.

In essence, an entire tree will disappear, and yet remain, only for the few chosen not to be lost. Everyone will be lost, otherwise; I know that I am, when I actually have nobody in my life except myself. Fortunately, it is not anywhere near that bad, yet. As if it were not obvious, if things were so terrible that I had no one left but me, then I would not be doing any of this! That really would be absurd!!!

So here we go, just cut/paste in a row, not in any table, just the way they were tonight (this early morning) whilc I grabbed them off the sidebar, to place in here, and check for “roughly accurate and error-free” before removing the entire vine. This will shorten the page “look and feel” and make it seem not like such a big deal

It is not big, and not a deal, so it should not look like it. Or them. Or whatever.

Vine Knot??? Hmmm???

So that should get us somewhere, if not elsewhere, or there!!


13 Responses to Tree Pages

  1. Galen says:

    Okay, so now the “tree” is open again, not sewn shut by being the posts link. Posts are posts, and trees are trees. That is it. TP is TP. I need this for my corn-holy-o?

  2. tearsofmine says:

    Nice beevis and butthead reference at the end there. 😛

  3. Galen says:

    Mike Judge might have been in some of the same playgrounds where I used to have to hang out, killing time, as it were, since B & B are only “repeating what they’ve heard others say” anyhow. This used to be *my* playground, this world, when I was a child. Now, it is not.

    Of course, they (B & B) are not real. Sadly, that funny picture of Bush & Cheney turned out to be all-too-true, from what seems to be happening now (perhaps I’ll go find that one, and post it, where they talk about the evil media types). One of the few things I was allowed to do after “the split” was take the kids to the movies. But now I do not care at all for movies, and it is probably a flaw in my character not to be interested in all the wonderful celebrities we have for modeling ourselves now.

    Things might not be so bad if life worked anything like cartoons; sadly (at times), it actually *is* real, mostly, and not illusion, although some large parts of it try to be. 🙂 Thanks for the words, and the recognition of the reference, etc. You are “listening” to something else now, I’d guess! Wonder what it is? 😉

  4. tearsofmine says:

    Am I to assume I’ve forgotten your birthday…I’m horrible at remembering those….when is it anyway? 😀

  5. Galen says:

    you think i remember? well, maybe it was just the other day, or month. let’s shoot for next time, like after christmas or something. 🙂 it was in the short month, for the short memory types like me. 😉

  6. Galen says:

    that is roughly equivalent to “amy minus one” if you get my drift, but i thought you said you didn’t remember!?! note that this is merely an approximation, and not to be used for any predictions!

    can you remember, or can’t you?

    (ha ha)

  7. Amy says:

    Amy minus one… that means it’s Feb. cuz mine is March. 😉

  8. Galen says:

    Yup! The short month. The short bus? 😉

  9. Amy says:

    Which day?

    ♫ The wheels on the bus go round and round…. ♫

  10. tearsofmine says:

    ummm…i sent you an email……..

  11. Amy says:

    Why are the comments so far down on the page?

  12. Galen says:

    That is simply how this layout is arranged, for whatever reason, and it lets me put things in the bottom half of the page instead of on the sidebar (and it is not “familiar” to me, even now) so It will look this way only “sometimes” if it ever does again. I can see why (depending on the type of blog or website desired) someone might want it this way.

    I have been away for a few hours in the middle of experimenting with this (which is always ongoing anyhow) so next thing is I change the front page back to Posts and unlock the top few posts (they have had a password on them for testing to see if any of the spam-bot things find the way in, since I did not tell anyone this password at all, unlike the other locked entries which have known-unknown type passwords in a way). So the testing is over (it happens while I’m away, sometimes) and we’ll have a different look for another indeterminate period of time, tick, tock. 🙂

    NOTE: My own comment (this one here) was held in moderation for several hours. This thing is so secure it does not always assume that I am myself!!! Now *that* is careful! So, as I said earlier:

       ♥ ♥
      ♥ ♥ ♥
     ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
     ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
      ♥ ♥ ♥
       ♥ ♥

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