This is a stub for posts (no content here).

17:15 6/25/200712:42 6/28/2007

Or, this is a post for stubs (no here, content), so then instead I have it set to go to the posts as the “front page” and you need to click might try clicking here to get away from the main stream, if you like that sort of swim (or anywhere over there at the side of the pool, but don’t get lost, and “fall out!).

Meanwhile, if I turn it around the other way, you’ll still end up looking at the place where I have anagrammed the name “Lisa” but not really at all. There is no one with that name in my life but I know many who have that name. And I always enjoyed Green Acres, and hope someday to see something similar. On the other hand, it is possible to “opt out” at the last minute, which is really not any time at all.

That might cause you to find you are Spinning, As In Looping (SAIL)™ in some way that you did not want, and for that, I apologize, ahead of time, for what is about to come — especially if it really is my fault, but even if it is not. What is coming has something to do with the color RED before we ever get to WINE.

So stop yer winin’ already, people! 🙂


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  1. Galen says:

    Of course, it will disappear when I turn it into the link or stub for the posts, and it “hooks” into the first most recent top post in the heap/pile/queue/deck/stack thing. The “blog” part. Not the “book” part. This is so nicely versatile, how does one actually use the *whole* of it?

  2. Galen says:

    Oh, possibly by switching it around every now and then, and playing with the layout when it seems to get “stale”. You could do a lot and not even add one more post to the daily flow of day-to-day dailieness, if that’s a word! Don’t press me for more, I probably will get all juicy and fruity. When you talk out loud like this on the Internet to yourself (oneself, actually) it has got to be the most delusionally grand illusion of them all. Don’t tell anyone, OK???!!! 😀

    Presentation Is Everything (PIE)™ so grab lots of big huge slices!!!

  3. Galen says:

    If the devil can run a message board, then I just found myself one!

    oh, gee, did I o.d.?

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