How can it even happen, when it seems like I have little to say that could possibly be of value or interest to anyone, including myself? How many hours were spent or wasted back when it felt like it made a difference, and how little did it ever matter? And with this much doubt involved, it seems no surprise that it all came to a halt over two years ago.

In any case, here is another rather hollow post, or posting, to break the silence. And if it represents an actual noteworthy event, it shall be the first of more, as I consider the meaning of “friendship” and other admirable abstractions.

In this way, it might be considered the start of some kind of revival. Not a lively sort of revival, mind you; more like a return to the previous state of utter lameness. Back to the usual mundane rambling, and pointless pondering. Or it could just be one of the last few. Either way, for a short while, just like each of us, it is new. Just for now, new. You knew that, didn’t you? 🙂


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Oh what in the hell

I was really going to drop this “project” along with several others, but so far I have been unable to follow through with dropping everything. So just to get it on here and see if sharing something has adverse side effects — in previous experiences, putting a song on here was followed within just a few days by the removal of the mp3 file being shared due to the web site owner having been harassed and threatened by alleged legal representatives promising action if the intellectual property rights of the copyright holders were not immediately and fully respected and enforced. In short, I don’t want to get someone else into any trouble just because I happen to know how to find my favorite old records on the internet, so I can play them here instead of digging them out of the storage unit and actually playing them.

It’s not my fault people are so greedy that they think they have to make money on every little thing they ever thought up as “pretty” or “mystical” or “awesome” and figured out a way to sell it so they should have their personal cash-cow protected now.

What a lot of cow poop that is. You should be grateful you found a way to make money at all that doesn’t involve working for some unreasonable boss. Having a REAL job is always harder, and that is WHY they pay you. If you actually LOVE something that much, you should be willing to do it for little or NO MONEY at all, since you love it. You should earn only when it takes effort that you do NOT want to GIVE. That is the reason, supposedly, that every boss thinks you should be eternally grateful that you got hired at all. You’d die, otherwise.

So what’s wrong with death, anyway? Does anyone actually know? If so, please inform!

The road is hard, but the parade is soft…
–g ♥

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Newer Ear Ewer

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Only Love Dies

The old concepts may have amounted to merely idealistic nonsense after all, or perhaps they were pearls of wisdom, truth overlooked mainly by scoffers. Whatever they were, at gatherings in the past we would often listen to the whole side of an album, if not both sides, in those ancient legendary days of vinyl engravings. When hissing and popping were average normal parts of the overall experience, the fact that we had any good music at all was what mattered, and not whether or not it was perfect and flawless, or as good as — maybe even better than — the real thing (live music is best). Just having it was enough. Oddly, even if it was enough, we still wanted more.
My daughter's beautiful apple pie on Twitpic
Everybody wants more, even when there is no more. Continue reading

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This famous and well-known mnemonic is familar (or it should be) to anyone acquainted with conventional musical staff notation for the treble clef (treble, yet there is only one) as being the identifiers for the notes on the lines, where the spaces are similarly identified by FACE (as in, we forget your name but your face makes a lasting impression). Irrelevantly let it be noted that I have lost my childhood illusion now, and my decade-long nearly insufferable bout with fandom has ceased. It is not without significance that it happened on Fort Sumter Day (that would be today). With that having been or still being or yet to be said, This Concise Portion (TCP), Which Is Kindly Inserted (WIKI), Heading This Particlar Post (HTTP), now at long last is hereby concluded (forthwith). Other extraneous material follows, but not without that extra click to get to page two, so therefore it does not follow (non-sequitur).

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