17:16 7/9/2007

big air time sing mary sing cowbell

growing biblical games ministery

12:21 6/28/2007
A Little Bit Of Church, Anyone?
(A Little Bit Of Church, Anyone?)

I never had a “real” church wedding. This looks like a church inside of another church, almost, until you notice “something” at the center of it there, although it is not really a “moving” picture in the sense that it just “sits” or “stands” there, but it seems to “say” something to us in our hearts, or minds, equally (home?).
01:27 6/28/2007

03:29 6/27/2007

Irony again, maybe (I am) in that the one made to “represent” me has become broken and thus it is so very sad to see it is “not even working” (new) in its old age (of just over a month). Cool, since that might mean He is putting an “unseen hand” into things again, so that I can “see” Him without seeing.

In any case, I might be “moved” to put this back in working order, but for now, like me, it will not come back unless something changes to make it possible and favorable and “looking good” in terms of the overall plan for everybody. That is THE plan to follow, if one can figure it out. Not where am “I” going, but where are “we” going, after we agree on who “we” are, of course!

We’ll make this the front page again, for a while, or forever. Sadly or gladly, there not much is left to it now, since the bulk of “forever” is behind us all, and growing constantly.)

Perhaps nobody thought about why I would say: Come on over to my house, Jezebel, and let’s get married and go on that honeymoon, since that’s what that song-triple might have been suggesting. When I picked out those 3 from the list, that was not the idea; they were the ones I remember seeing on my record labels, which means I’ve already owned these before, and should not be (legally or morally) required to “make that sacrifice” to the god of personal gain again. Please, not again!

23:44 5/24/2007

since I have waxed musically this commemorates the year of my birth (figure it out yourself!)

Not functioning at end of June ‘07:

These are:

Rosemary Clooney – Come On-A My House
Frankie Laine – Jezebel
Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter – Aba Daba Honeymoon

08:30 12/6/2006

Galenred is A Leg Nerd
(it’s an anagram, d’ur!)

This blog and any connected to it were started after searching for a new web home with walls I can write all my graffiti and tags on without someone being able to tell me to take it down. That is the one thing people do not do consistently enough in places (like the web) where we are supposed to have equal say, free speech, no dictators, and all That Idealistic Lofty Thinking (TILT)™ that we believed in when we were childlike in our hopeful future ponderings. When Diary-X died, many folks lost “the handle” on their writing that online journaling gave them. Their process (which is as variable as the personalities of us) did not “predict” any need to have local archives on their own machine, but instead put trust in the others who “knew what they were doing” and would never let anything as important as thousands of hours of people’s time and effort, not to mention their heartfelt attachments to each other (by way of the written word) simply be lost due to the wear-out curve on physical hardware. We believe we are safe driving in our automobiles for pretty much the same (very foolish) reason of Faith In Technologic (FIT)™ which will bring us to some sort of brink, if anyone who is “tuning in” to the same thing is at all “onto something” like it seems.

Now that I am well into the second half of my (only?) first century, it occurs to me that we need to Believe Our Brains (BOB)™ if we believe anything in this world, yet our brains are actually a mass of greasy, gooey, fleshy jelly junk, and are not exactly “pretty” in the visual sense. But even someone with a brain that seems to “malfunction” still has one, and this (the fact that my head really is full of junk) will always fascinate me, unless (of course) we do not actually need our brains, later on, in the great here-after that atheists will not “see” until they find out about “big disappointments” that stretch to infinity. (or they won’t, and I won’t know what happened either)……

†  †  †


15:46 12/5/2006

Much has transpired since I reluctantly yet eager=relieved
at the same time started this “project” for writing it down.

They told me to write it down, so I write it down. They also
said to share, and I have shared, some of what I wrote. Much
of the time I think things I would not write down. Then also
many of the things I write I would rather not look at again.

That is not very courageous of me. So if that ever changes I
might want to brag about it, how I am never afraid.

I will always be afraid. Actually, that part never stops, as
if I could “ask” it to stop and have it obey. My heart never
has obeyed me. It is the other way around.

And those who want to redefine “love” to correct me somehow,
and I know not how, expect that I would be able to do that.

Thus, my ultimate failure again is having lissend to the big
ugly greasy heart inside my chest. I want it to stop. Now.

Does it listen? No. Maybe someday. One last smile for me. :)


16:41 12/5/2006

Again I must correct myself!!! And so shortly, quickly, soon
too it was not even a whole hour in my head of confusion. It
makes no sense to say “four more” as the thing that would do
the job of “moving” a post off of the non-salient page one I
made less-accessible by rearranging the “front page” setting
combination on my WordPress blog controls. Geez, is this one
flexible interface (even without direct template control) or
what? Yes, it is, I will answer that for us whoever we are.

I am losing the sense of “we” that I once had. So for now-then,
just to be “nice” and (un)make it (un)easier, is the normal way to
find somebody's ”page one”………

And I shall "boldly" add that I hope it actually works like I
expect and I do not have to come in and revise again. And
since (at this later time, now, it is) I am revising it to add
another link-jumper thing-a-ma-bobber here to go to the
now-about page:

Even if I love to revise, I do not like knowing I might get to
do it later when I could have corrected it now, and at the later
time I would be busy with something I actually enjoy. Of course,
that is a low-risk estimate, by the historical repetition of,
oh, bummer.

"… if I were smart enough …" it was said, of this guy...

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