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Cleaning Up Time (CUT)™

16:50 4/19/2009 This setting of the clock passed by at the onset of this writing. Significance in any form is unique, if it is even present at all and not some mental conjecture. Many of those things that I ever … Continue reading

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Midweek Update Made Simply (MUMS)™

When unforgettable people leave our lives for any reason, it leaves significant holes in our souls, unless said feeling of un-wholeness is entirely imaginary. Feelings may indeed be imaginary, but that does not make them unreal, any less than dreams … Continue reading

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Playing Another Week Now (PAWN)™

Stars(at 128kbps) This single *starring* song is up on the top of the post out in front, for reasons that I could have explained, but I would hereafter prefer to respond only to direct inquiry, rather than just blurting it … Continue reading

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I hope I get all my balloons back!!!

From one of my truest Friends, I got this yesterday, in e-mail, which has been extracted and is now Fwd: to the World. Give this heart to everyone you don’t want to lose in  ’09 ! I hope to get … Continue reading

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Finish Up Now: Appreciate Twenty-Five Out Of Ten (FUN AT FOOT)™

I’d think almost everybody has “played footsie” at some time or another; it’s where your foot and someone else’s foot have bumped into one another — these feet of ours which we own since they belong to us are not … Continue reading

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