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Work Halt In Progress

B. Version 2. Upgrade. New and improved. Fixed with a patch (band-aid(TM)) and stuff… It might be obvious or not, there was a whip in that title. Old habits die hard, and that was always one. Get a good title … Continue reading

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Following Another Scattered Trail That once would have been given the mono-label treatment as (FAST™) but we’ll skip it this time, almost. Sometimes fast means no eating. Moving along, hey, not so fast there buddy, we are linking another *yet … Continue reading

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How can it even happen, when it seems like I have little to say that could possibly be of value or interest to anyone, including myself? How many hours were spent or wasted back when it felt like it made … Continue reading

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Oh what in the hell

I was really going to drop this “project” along with several others, but so far I have been unable to follow through with dropping everything. So just to get it on here and see if sharing something has adverse side … Continue reading

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Newer Ear Ewer


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