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Following Another Scattered Trail That once would have been given the mono-label treatment as (FAST™) but we’ll skip it this time, almost. Sometimes fast means no eating. Moving along, hey, not so fast there buddy, we are linking another *yet … Continue reading

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How can it even happen, when it seems like I have little to say that could possibly be of value or interest to anyone, including myself? How many hours were spent or wasted back when it felt like it made … Continue reading

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Only Love Dies

The old concepts may have amounted to merely idealistic nonsense after all, or perhaps they were pearls of wisdom, truth overlooked mainly by scoffers. Whatever they were, at gatherings in the past we would often listen to the whole side … Continue reading

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This famous and well-known mnemonic is familar (or it should be) to anyone acquainted with conventional musical staff notation for the treble clef (treble, yet there is only one) as being the identifiers for the notes on the lines, where … Continue reading

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Song test

If it’s over, it’s over. As long as it stays that way, all is well. I should get over it being over. Over. Does it matter, if it is? Nope. Over means completely through. Of course we must wait to … Continue reading

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