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We can cry later, when the tears of laughter get us started

Eat, she


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Really it would behoove me to write more, but I do not want to be behooved, nor would I wish to be hooved — though I may in fact be that way, having hidden my ability safely within these undeniable … Continue reading

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Boys’ Exploits (BE)™

The following is taken from an e-mail received recently, sent by what I’m calling my personal Best Example of what it means to be True and Real as any kind of friend (like as in forever) who thinks she is … Continue reading

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Finish Up Now: Appreciate Twenty-Five Out Of Ten (FUN AT FOOT)™

I’d think almost everybody has “played footsie” at some time or another; it’s where your foot and someone else’s foot have bumped into one another — these feet of ours which we own since they belong to us are not … Continue reading

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Save Another Nagger, Digger (SAND)™

It seems that my most recent senior moment, having been extended indefinitely, is to be a nagger. Nag, nag, nag. All the nagging anyone might want, they could get from me. For unknown reasons, nagging is my forte. Really, I … Continue reading

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