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Nothing could be funnier

Work Halt In Progress

B. Version 2. Upgrade. New and improved. Fixed with a patch (band-aid(TM)) and stuff… It might be obvious or not, there was a whip in that title. Old habits die hard, and that was always one. Get a good title … Continue reading

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. jul qb V rira gel, be pner, be pner gb gel? vg srryf fnq gb guvax ubj zhpu . V zvtug unir qbar vs bayl V unq gevrq uneqre, ohg V gevrq nf uneq nf V pbhyq . naq … Continue reading

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Opening Flies Fully Exposing Natural Desires Surely (OFFENDS)™

-public-enemies- At this moment one of those rerun shows (Tonight with Jay Leno) is providing the sound to go with the key-clicks that make these words form patterns undestandable by human readers. Other readers might also be able to understand, … Continue reading

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Path Of Righteous Kelly (PORK)™

-sauce-age- Not my fault that lots of people are named Kelly. Not my fault it is one of those both-gender names, making it even more like my name which is only sometimes thought to be Gay Lynn. (Only slightly related … Continue reading

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Blank Offering (BO)™

-plenty- =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= One thing unmistakable about forgetting to check something: if it has aroma, it will raise the issue itself, with unseen fingers (up my nose is not the right place for any fingers to be left for any length … Continue reading

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