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This is where someone said all truth might be found eventually…

Reflections All Watery (RAW)™

Maintaining any consistency has its benefits and drawbacks — if one maintains a foolish pattern of behaviour one is thought to have let the hobgoblin move into the shrunken mind to set up good housekeeping to seal the whole deal. … Continue reading

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Protected: These Ides Demand Extra Salt (TIDES)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Opening Flies Fully Exposing Natural Desires Surely (OFFENDS)™

-public-enemies- At this moment one of those rerun shows (Tonight with Jay Leno) is providing the sound to go with the key-clicks that make these words form patterns undestandable by human readers. Other readers might also be able to understand, … Continue reading

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Some Audio-Fueled Elixir (SAFE)™

-cracker- 02:14 10/29/2007 let us make a monday latte for all our loves now… people need pep to keep up their good work effort songs come from so many sources now who has time? like trying to lasso the wind … Continue reading

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Lisa (£)™

(-pounding-on-sails-today-post-) Ilsa is a pretty (short) name. You would not name your (any of your) son(s) Ilsa (probably) but you could if you decided to go that route. That route would include lots of teasing about the name for a … Continue reading

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