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This Is My Second (TIMS)

An attempted new post in the old dried out blog, this short update not only seems pointless, it actually is pointless. Why did I even post it? I dunno… It also has my new standard footer, to be pointless at … Continue reading

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Resurrection (R)™

This is a test. It is only a test. Had it been a real post, you would have been given directions to produce an Oscar nominated video. This has been a test of the emergency auto-publishing system. Stay tuned to … Continue reading

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Hey now, hey now. It’s finger… Poppin’ time Gone over six months, without a word Learned many wise things, none of them new All this old wisdom, like a fine turd Someone deserves it, not me or you Get back … Continue reading

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Work Halt In Progress

B. Version 2. Upgrade. New and improved. Fixed with a patch (band-aid(TM)) and stuff… It might be obvious or not, there was a whip in that title. Old habits die hard, and that was always one. Get a good title … Continue reading

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Another First, It Seems

It is what it seems, if we are talking about Apple being involved in any of the hardware in use by Yours Truly. And so it goes. Suffice it to say that so far I am greatly impressed. Let me … Continue reading

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