Work Halt In Progress

B. Version 2. Upgrade. New and improved. Fixed with a patch (band-aid(TM)) and stuff…

It might be obvious or not, there was a whip in that title. Old habits die hard, and that was always one. Get a good title first, then write good stuff after that. Not really all that brilliant, but also true enough to be observed as “wise” in some inescapable way.

Moving right along, I should write along the lines of explaining what I intend to accomplish. That is also another standard of wisdom, like a seed we should sow, to watch it grow. Hey, was that sow, and wig?

Anyway, I want to play an album for you all, like I used to do, back in the physical days of my reality. Not like now, where everything is imaginary. Even this seems to be unreal, even though I know it is. Now isn’t that weird? Speaking of which, anytime you want to break a rule, especially a spelling rule we all learned in grammar school, it’s ease: Just Get Weird! (JGW if you need to remember it)

I. before E? My ass!

Hahahahaha. So I am going to do what I want. It is all about I. Followed of course, by T. That is what IT is all about.

Shut up, Galen, and say good night, Gracie.

This would be the album, The Stranger, by Billy Joel. Just one of many that I used to spin around, over and over and over, for my friends when they came around, over and over and over. And of course, that’s all over, now.

I have a feeling this will fail. Due to recent improvements of course. Crap is what it is. Dang me.
note: the patch is done, you have to push play on each tune, sorry folks, i hate now


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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One Response to Work Halt In Progress

  1. Galen says:

    Broken features forever (bff) indeed!

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