Repairs Underway Now

You might notice that a new old widget has appeared on the sidebar, from before the timeless tides turned the young and innocent into the presently greater, and the wonders of the widget make it possible to do the old things again. So this is like when my friends came over (or not) and I got out the stack and found the proper 45 to put next under the needle and feed my hungry ears and longing soul, or whatever it is inside me that wants to hear the same old songs, by the thousands if possible. So this is just one, old monaural version, just like on the AM car radio (the radio was AM, not the car, which was usually “Detroit” in terms of technological style) or the pocket transistor. Hey, I have some Rock in my pockets too, kiddo! 🙂

Hear? It comes…

And so this just makes it easy to listen again, not break another needle, and let all my friends just stay home for good. On the other hand, slow internet traffic often makes it all not worthwhile. 😉


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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