How can it even happen, when it seems like I have little to say that could possibly be of value or interest to anyone, including myself? How many hours were spent or wasted back when it felt like it made a difference, and how little did it ever matter? And with this much doubt involved, it seems no surprise that it all came to a halt over two years ago.

In any case, here is another rather hollow post, or posting, to break the silence. And if it represents an actual noteworthy event, it shall be the first of more, as I consider the meaning of “friendship” and other admirable abstractions.

In this way, it might be considered the start of some kind of revival. Not a lively sort of revival, mind you; more like a return to the previous state of utter lameness. Back to the usual mundane rambling, and pointless pondering. Or it could just be one of the last few. Either way, for a short while, just like each of us, it is new. Just for now, new. You knew that, didn’t you? 🙂



About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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