This famous and well-known mnemonic is familar (or it should be) to anyone acquainted with conventional musical staff notation for the treble clef (treble, yet there is only one) as being the identifiers for the notes on the lines, where the spaces are similarly identified by FACE (as in, we forget your name but your face makes a lasting impression). Irrelevantly let it be noted that I have lost my childhood illusion now, and my decade-long nearly insufferable bout with fandom has ceased. It is not without significance that it happened on Fort Sumter Day (that would be today). With that having been or still being or yet to be said, This Concise Portion (TCP), Which Is Kindly Inserted (WIKI), Heading This Particlar Post (HTTP), now at long last is hereby concluded (forthwith). Other extraneous material follows, but not without that extra click to get to page two, so therefore it does not follow (non-sequitur).

The more part

This post probably seems pointless. Not to be unoriginal, but to quote Larry Wall, “that’s because it is,” at least it should be pointless unless somehow you have a way to know how pointlessness can have a purpose. In that case, it is spot ON.

Notwithstanding all that crapulent cryptological consternation, please (feel free to) enjoy the following Moody Blues album, presented in two sides (A and B) for your education (possibly a review if you’re over 40), titled Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.

Side One

Side Zwei

As an aside, note that (from paragraph #1) the quickly used — if not trite — expression “Famous And Well-Known” evaluates to “FAWK” so excuse me, since that’s just another fawk up there of mine, and presumably on purpose, isn’t it? Obviously, only behaviour this outrageous would properly conclude the questionable entertainment value portion of today as seen recently Among Several Creatures Of Real Existence (A SCORE).

(I’d walk out now before it’s too late, were I you.)

(game over)


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to EGBDF

  1. I am never quite sure what exactly you are saying, but you said it! I will probably have to read this few more times to really get it. Your writings are sorta like a treasure hunt. 😀 These are *ehhum* interesting songs. Love you! Mwah! ♥ ♥ ♥ -R.

  2. Galen says:

    Thanks dear! You are welcome to any treasure found among my words, certainly. It would not be anything I had placed there on purpose, since I have none.

    In case you didn’t catch the reference, this particular date (April 12) has significance in terms of *separation* since this is the calendar day when the southern states attacked the north, launching the most immoral war this planet ever saw (with two sides fighting to please GOD), and which according to present-day experts (often ones from Texas) actually had *nothing* to do with slavery.

    If history books are all wrong and need amending, then I suppose it didn’t have anything to do with states’ having rights including (supposedly it was claimed) voluntary secession from the Union, or with fighting to the death, either. Good thing they kept from using any guns on each other, whew! Surely it didn’t have anything to do with the United States of America, nor did it involve human casualties.

    Only vermin (especially numerous non-human men-at-arms) were exterminated during this civil action of nearly 150 years ago. Collateral damage had not even been invented yet, so we had not even one single case. Clara Barton was a drama queen, and fictional to boot. I know: it (the War) had nothing to do with sinning, for indeed it was only all about winning on both sides equally. The last thing it had to do with was forgiveness, of which there was no reason to have any, since nobody did anything wrong, and again, morality was the non-issue of that innocent time. What made the Civil War so supremely cool was that it was, itself, entirely and totally civil, and not just some veiled form of primitive tribal competition for dominance. Freedom was all there was to it.

    And I have nothing to do with any of it. Not willingly anyway, The other significance is that this is Jennifer Knapp’s birthday, and I have nothing to do with her, now and forever, as she follows a different master, and one that seems so full of self-love. She can just go blow, and someday will. It’s just an expression, after all. Life actually *sucks* while it blows,.

    –g ♥

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