It’s getting tougher to find any particular thing to pursue, to find any real lasting interest in learning or knowing or just plain doing, with whatever time is left in this corporal interval commonly labeled as ‘LIFE’ (as we know it). For instance, this blog once got more of my attention than it has lately, and was the first of several WordPress blogs I started within the past four years — some of which were independently hosted on providers other than the actual wordpress.com site like this one is — and those other instances have had no attention at all, not even the paltry activity seen here. This is the first and potentially only post for this month, but it’s early, only just halfway through the month, so who can be certain. Tomorrow never comes in the sense that there will be another tomorrow after the one we’re looking at now jumps upon us and replaces today with itself. Or something like that.

I posted this on my FaceBook wall just a short while ago with the simple parenthesized words of

(no comment)

So what’s the point in being beautiful anyway? It’s not like anyone really has a choice. But never mind about that anyway. It’s just a song that I happened across the other day (one of the old tomorrows, getting used up) and I wanted to play it on my blog and my wall. Wall blog. Wart-hog.

For more tunes, go to page two. They don’t let you have any page two on FB. I mostly wish I had not started using that ‘social networking’ site, but like so many activities involving other folks, once started it is difficult to simply cease doing it. Someone feels abandoned, and usually someone else (namely yours truly) feels he is indeed doing that abandoning thing. Well, we are going to abandon page one now. 🙂

Nowadays I spend very little time at FaceBook, only just enough to barely pay attention. It had seemed like things would pick up, that I’d feel some sort of spark, after this Dell laptop finally arrived. It took them over THREE MONTHS to process my order. As a result, I essentially had to buy my own (overly expensive in which case) Christmas present. I should say, friggin’ Xmas gift. Only I don’t want to say that.

Here are a few more tunes that I also have run across recently. To put it in a nutshell, the two main things I spend any time on these days on the web are, in order of most time spent, believe it or not, are:

  1. NeoPets (and my character Beakman69)
  2. Finding mp3 files of songs (mostly older ones) almost without limit

Mostly likely more players with more tunes will be added over the next few days/weeks, even if no new real posts are forthcoming. I always liked that word, forthcoming, and the way it came forth, even when it happened to be first. Ha ha.

This would be the first player-list of however many (it is 1 of N):

(content subject to change without notice, but I’ll probably blab about it)
–g ❤

01:23 2/17/2010 (first amendment)

We’ll get tired of this eventually, but for some reason or possibly unreason the urge to continue flickers even while fading into dim obscurity, as if having no purpose would be the only perfect one.

Nothing would explain it, in that case, and it does. Here are six more to go with those first five, making eleven so far (or twelve, including the Beautiful one at the head of this mysterious exhibition of habitual whatever-ness. eh-heh.

18:50 2/24/2010 minor adjustment to 2nd tune in 2nd player – 1st source offline
Another song player is anticipated, possibly to appear today, or one of the latter days.

00:30 2/25/2010
Meanwhile another malfunction has been noticed so another amendment replaces the 4th song in the first player of N players (not number zero, in other words) with its second source since the original went missing, or practically so!


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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One Response to Disorientated

  1. Oh Daddy. Please do not loose heart. You may not know it but you still have something to do on this earth otherwise God would take you home which would break me, but you would no longer be broken so there is always good in everything, although it is hard to find it sometimes. Wow that was a long sentence it is as of I were related to you or somethin’ huh? At any rate I love you so and so does my brother, and we need you so that is a start right? Anyway… you are a good writer so keep doing it ok? Even if the only “fruit” of it is that you enjoy it because you count too! For now that is all. I ❤ ❤ you! Mwah! 🙂 -R.

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