Balloons, I once said

It was rather recent, and I hoped I’d get ’em all back. Losing balloons was one of those kid things we hated doing. Popped balloons was murder. Floater-away balloons were heartaches on-the-fly. Waiter, there’s a fly in my heart-soup.

Oh, forget it.

From out of the old northwest an old band played this to the delight of many ears (approximately two per head):

This was done by Quick Press, if anyone cares. We have so many handy methods, it is simply maddening! And, some of them actually work! 🙂 This one is using the embed shortcode, but that seems odd to this old man (i.e. it fails) if we know it cannot possibly work that way. Hey, that’s like me, isn’t it? 😉

My next must-do (might not get done) would be to thank all the folks who expressed sympathy and condolences during my recent bereavement crisis. You are truly a blessing to me, so THANK YOU KIND FRIENDS for those thoughtful words of yours.


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4 Responses to Balloons, I once said

  1. tearsofmine says:

    I miss you, just so you know. And I sincerely hope you have a good happy thanksgiving.

  2. tearsofmine says:

    I watched a (i think it was LIVE…it could have been pre-recorded…i cannot remember) Paul McCartney concert last night on ABC. It was awesome!! I truly had forgotten how much I enjoy and love Paul’s voice & music. Yep. I loves me some PM & The Beatles too of course!! It makes me want to run out & buy his new CD!!! Anyway, all the while I was sitting there in the living room watching that, I thought of you, and how much you’d probably enjoy watching that too!! 🙂

    Happy (late) Thanksgiving my friend!

  3. tearsofmine says:

    Well I SINCERELY HOPE that you DO and WILL stay in touch!! I know that I don’t call or write NEARLY AS OFTEN AS I SHOULD. But I don’t ever want you to FLOAT out of my LIFE! I’d MISS YOU FAR TOO MUCH….I can see SEVERAL PURPOSES you ALREADY HAVE.

    You’re a dad. And your kids do love you.

    You’re a friend. And your friends appreciate you (I know I DO).

    You’re a great writer. And anyone who reads this can see that!!

    You’re a lover of God. And HE knows that, and that is what is MOST important.

    See?? Several things.

    love, hugs, and prayers for you.

  4. Elliewelly says:

    I think about you lots, but I just don’t go in for forwarding stuff any more. I hope you are doing as well as you can be after losing your dad.

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