Cleaning Up Time (CUT)™

16:50 4/19/2009

This setting of the clock passed by at the onset of this writing. Significance in any form is unique, if it is even present at all and not some mental conjecture. Many of those things that I ever found significant turned out to be my own delusions, but many more of them were not; to maintain irony it would seem, sadly many of my most tragic mistakes were those sorts of things where I was certain I could not be wrong. Yet, in the end, I was wrong.

Nobody wants to be wrong, or it seems unthinkable to me that they would want to be wrong. It feels bad to realize our errors, especially if we’ve made them for any length of time. Catching our own errors is better than letting them stand for others, but that does not need to become an obsession: nobody ever manages to get through life, or even one single day, without making some kind of error. Bumping your elbow if you didn’t mean to bump it would count as one, but of course it is no big deal, so we ignore all the little things. We have to ignore them; there are lots of them, and knowing how many serves no useful purpose in most instances. If the elbow were getting bumped and injured a lot, it might be something to investigate, but otherwise, forget it, right?

So it goes with many other errors, some of which are much more serious than an unplanned elbow bumping. What we as thinking creatures (if we are) should strive to do is to learn from all mistakes (with primary attention on our own), to anticipate possible ones so as to avoid them, to detect and to correct them as easily and quickly as we can find ways to do that (not doing this amounts to yet another error: Negligence), and to be patient with those who do not seem to believe in the lessons that others have learned but must make their own mistakes. This last part is not as easy as it might be. If we care about someone and that person is going to do something we think is unwise, we might very well decide we need to talk her or him or them out of their wild idea. This can often produce nothing of any value, if that person has already decided to know enough to make the choice before letting you in on it. One often gets nothing but animosity when attempting to confound strong-willed individuals.

My days of striving against the popular mind-set are over now. My swim with the school is ending. Nothing I have to say could be of any value to anyone but me, and I already know it, so writing has no further purpose now. If it were otherwise, then I would know it, and feel it, and not be able to resist it. As it is, I have difficulty believing I ever spent so much time online, expecting something to come of it. Thankfully I can say that it was not all in vain, but the significance of notable occurrences recently shows that the list of what-to-do has stopped filling up, like it once did. Sometimes it seems like there’ll “never be an end to it” when things are not going well, because we see nothing good coming. That is certainly true enough now, that nothing good can be seen on the horizon, but it is also rather normal, and has been the way of life for at least 20 years. To have it end is, in itself a good thing. Not knowing what is next is almost hard to notice. If more were expected, then I’d have to do more. If I’m nearly done, then I will be going Home soon. Thus, I need no plan now, any more than I ever did.

The first idea I had for the title on this post (which for now is the final one) was Nothing Of My Own Now (NOMON) but it did not seem to pertain to much of anything at all. This one, which might suggest spring cleaning is in the air, which it is, has more to do with not being connected to much of anything or anyone now. Why it has become this way, I will probably never figure out, and even if I did, it would not help. The facts are as they are. I have nothing in my life now that could be considered “a purpose” and yet I have some tasks that need to be completed. Thus, Completing Unfinished Tasks (CUT)™ is again the perfect match for what is happening now.

What I have not unfinished, for all that anyone can tell, is writing in this blog, or posting anything at FaceBook. It is possible that this (the blog) will show a minor change from time, if I should continue to ‘Tweet’ every so often. But chances are, I am going into ‘listen-only mode’ now, and will not have any public presence in the near or medium-range future. The distant future has an entirely different outcome, but that has nothing to do with this. It is even possible that this, itself, has nothing to do with this. It is irrelevance, turned inward on itself, looking for deeper meaninglessness.

Who needs it!!! (not a question)

So, I bid you all, adieu, farewell, and good health.
May God continue to bless you (unless you want to be ignored, but that, too)
All of your wonderful days and nights
Kiss someone for me, but not a total stranger, okay?


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Cleaning Up Time (CUT)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    😦 i am so sorry i have not been around much. *sigh* i do like the new spring look here!
    i will try to call soon, since that seems to be the only thing i’m good at is trying…not that i ever actually succeed. i do think of you often though & miss you. hope you’re not too upset with me for not having any time lately for anything remotely fun or keeping in touch.


  2. Elliewelly says:

    You know that I will never forget you!!! I’m just not very communicative. But I loved the post and photos – hilarious! Thank you both.

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