Shorter Lineup Is Now Given (SLING)™

. This week’s song lineup is rather shorter than the others have been, when there have been any, which is not every week, but sometimes that’s what’s happened. Right now that is the loosely formed plan of action: posting a song now and then at the book-place, and then on a weekly basis if not more weakly than weekly, the whole lot of them here, in one song-player application software device to run through them in order, or disorder, whichever order it strikes me blowingly to put them in here.

. Being left out in this arrangement are any words that I wrote along with the links, such as the explanation for any particular selection, or technical trivia about bitrates and whatnot, which may or may not clarify the appreciation, if any, of what this lineup suggests, if it does. For one example: this has the artificially produced trio that includes my English friend Ellie on the flute, her music student-pupil on the piano, and me on the old rusty guitar. But the event never happened musically at all, only the duo portion without the technical trickery, so it only sounds like it did, sort of. And the last three are all the same tune. I explained that, there, sort of, but not at all, here.

. That is all. We have more to say, but we are not saying it. In fact we is only me, and I say it that way because others do, and I do have that invisible friend of mine. You know who I mean, don’t you? ;-).

♫ ♪ ♫

On page two, where, if curiosity leads…

Sorry, no fancy colors this time, since it appears that I have no longer the ability to stay in the mood for that for any span of time. Paleness is getting spiritual, here, it seems so sad to say, even if true. Hey, did I already say sorry?

Enjoy, while we may, what we may, heard the people say!


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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