Playing Another Week Now (PAWN)™

Stars// 128kbps)

This single *starring* song is up on the top of the post out in front, for reasons that I could have explained, but I would hereafter prefer to respond only to direct inquiry, rather than just blurting it out. Sometimes, I need to be asked. If there’s one thing I have heard plenty of during these several years it is that something is not true just because I say it is. It seems odd to me that truth can be so simple a thing as to be automatically the opposite of what I say, but that seems to be the final argument in many debates that have been taken by the other side when they said I should keep my ideas to myself. Lately the trend seems toward fewer and fewer unsolicited remarks should come from this quarter. It isn’t worth even a dime anymore.

This is true, however. Any ideas that are personally my own, I keep all to myself. Once I share them, they are not mine to call my own, since I have disseminated them. That is one of those nice longer than necessary words: dissemination.

So without further dissemination-like activity (ado), the other songs (including this one in sequence) for the past week or so are on the second page, where the auto-bots usually do not stumble (upon) much, if anything. Cheers, and lah-dee-dah! ???
Keep on clicking if you want to…      … (keep on ticking and) play this past week over again!

These last four are just not like the others, so it seems better to set them apart, here
Should be 14 of them altogether (2 per day).
Altogether, now, but in reverse:
THAT Is ALL for this week.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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