Finish Up Now: Appreciate Twenty-Five Out Of Ten (FUN AT FOOT)™

I’d think almost everybody has “played footsie” at some time or another; it’s where your foot and someone else’s foot have bumped into one another — these feet of ours which we own since they belong to us are not separate entities, mind you, but we tend to talk or even think of them as being some sort of units that do whatever they do — tell your feet to get movin’, will ya? I’d also think almost anyone would have used the expression to describe having some sort of interaction with another one, as playing footsie with them. Usually we’d think playing footsie has no sinister purpose. It might not be true, but we should expect footsie to be innocent, and childlike, both in outward appearance and also in whatever “inner beauty” it has to be found by “delving” or “looking” deeper. Of course, if souls are imaginary, there is nothing deeper, and looking into her eyes, or his eyes, tells you nothing at all. You imagine all of it, since you are not real either.

I’m not playing footsie with anyone. Not anymore. I do like to have fun, but not by pretending to be playing some pointless game. That (footsie for real) would be pointless.

My mind sometimes catches on something, like an old dream that I once had. Instead of recurring dreams, which I have also had a few of in my earlier life mostly, the thing that I have had more of than it seems worth having is dreams that were vivid, or bizarre, or both, and not disturbing so much as utterly fascinating in terms of “why did I dream about that?” and not being able to stop wondering about it. Even now, some fifty-ish years later, I remember one very vivid dream, involving the boy actor who played Jeff on the early TV series involving that heroic canine Thespian, Lassie. He (Tommy Rettig) was seen in my dream to be one of the two other crucified humans at Calvary on that hill, far away, long ago, on that day. Weird, sooooo weird that I cannot stop “seeing it” even now. His eyes were closed. His hands were nailed. He looked like he was asleep, with his head dropped to the side so that he could smell his own right armpit. He was not breathing so he had no sense of smell. He was dead. The image, in my mind, has a stench of its own.

Since the title implies there should be twenty-five out of ten, I will in this post complete my assignment of twenty-five things, to put up at FaceBook in toto (that dog was somebody else, in this case of not being in Kansas anymore). These are the final ten “Things about me” at random or within some other vague theme, such as “Random” or “You might not know” about me. You might, you might not. These are the final ten, that are not the same as the first six-plus-nine-is-fifteen that I already did. Many words, and quite a lot more than twenty-five words (or less) in this list.

Had I stayed on-task (which often I do not) these summarized items would already be here, or on my FaceBook wall, or both. Instead, I will partially catch up both unassigned assignments, and hopefully if I need to do it I’ll actually put all twenty-five in one documant, with footnotes, and fancy free! 😉

1. No iPod — technology is ego-tripping crap-trap
2. Guitar player — “Do It Yourself” person
3. Sarcasm — contain bridled anger == frustration
4. Self-amused — laughs at own bad jokes
5. Verbosity — mental/verbal obesity perhaps
6. Slowly determined — takes the long way home

7. Odd physiology — #7 lines on palms like Grandma R.
8. Part-type paraplegic — one-handed lefty typist
9. Multiple talents — if any of them are, we have
10. Second born advantage — it is normal this way
11. Somewhat secretive — never tell all that I know
12. Complicator — I tend to expound details, absurdly
13. My best friend died — it was in 1975
14. Divorced unwillingly — I do not fully accept it
15. Defers thing for another — reprioritizing on the fly

The ten finish-it-off items will be these, but expanding them into words may come later, or not later. Sooner is sometimes better than later, and sometimes never is actually better!

16. I could make a pet of almost any animal, but it would be wrong in nearly every case (e.g. spiders).

17. I learned long ago that people are necessary, yet troublesome. Loneliness is really just another type of self-awareness. Inside the skin, each of us is alone, unless we feel the presence of God here on the inside (Ghoti==fish).

18. I was severly shy as a child. Mother’s skirt was the best place to hide at family gatherings.

19. I am the second child of my father and mother, born one Saturday in winter, after false alarms. No hurry, me.

20. Friendships, new or old, do not actually die. They have often gone to sleep, and not awakened.

21. I still miss our very first family cat (Stubby) who moved to Oregon with us in 1955. He was not home anymore, when we came back from vacation that year we had so much fun at Disneyland. I may have vacation-phobia for all I know.

22. I could play wordplay all day, and starve to death in a few weeks.

23. At one time I weighed nearly 190 lbs. Today I’d be surprised to find out I weigh anything, even though I know I do. Sometimes, gravity is just too much, people!

24. I love chocolate, peanuts (or butter thereof), cheese, onions, and several other food items that some people either hate, cannot have due to ill effects, are allergic to, and so forth. I will often try strange combinations, but I have not even considred chocolate onions. Not even now am I thinking that!

25. Twenty-five is a lot of things, when you have to just pop them out and be sure none are duplicates!


Music posted last night at FaceBook is on the next part of this WordPress posting, so follow the click-spot to the field of extra stuff!

Really, I do want what I used to want. But I do not want anything new, so that is not the same.


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Finish Up Now: Appreciate Twenty-Five Out Of Ten (FUN AT FOOT)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    i’m tired. and have a dr. apppointment tomorrow. i should try & call. but i am so very tired all the time. well, just know i never forget about you. i just forget to call. sorry. soon i hope i will remember though. take care.


  2. Galen says:

    You’ve done better than the best of them. Do not worry too much, dear, about me thinking that you’d forget. We are not forgetting. We fear that we’d forget. That tells me all I ever need to know. ♥

    You have what it takes, inside where your beautiful self is so soulfully situated. I miss hearing you. I’ll hear you sometime. I know this. Thank you for worrying that I’d feel bad if I thought you’d forgotten. I would. You know I would. ♫ ♪

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