True And Real (TAR)™

Tar really is not easy to paint on pictures, pop. Make that trine-t-pop. Never mind the acrostics, they will simpley “happen” mostly, and I will not try to adjust my words just to make Pretty acronyms, Pa. Same for Polite admonisments, Pointed anagrams, Papa. Politcal adverstising, Personal ambitions, Private admirations, Pa-Pa-Pa. These things happen all the time. T-that-t, do you see?

Like attracts like. These are semi-wise words by the guide with semi-wise words. If you like to believe you are right in everything you think, and the confusion is not inside of you, listen to Dr. Dwyer, who will share his knowlege of inner self while he helps himself to your inner wallet. If you are a woman, you have another “wallet” that he might want, but since he is unlike you, the woman, he should not be attracted to that lady-wallet of yours, which has no money in it anyway. Thus, his interest in both of your wallets might be suspect, and not a case of Like being attracted by Like. Wayne knows what *he* likes, but not what you do. He wants you to believe in him, however. That much is probably how he thinks we are all alike. I’ll grant him that much. I realized this when I was about seven years old and never thought about how cool it would be to make more money than the others just because I’m smart enough to delude them all. Good job there, Dr. Feel-dumb, the friendly shrink. Suck that money, funny hole-man. I remember Jesus always hung around the other Messiahs, as they tended to Like one another quite a lot more than the rest of us. Blessed Are The “Like Unto Me People” — it brings another BAT LUMP™ in my throat today. For they shall inherit ME! 😀 Gulp, I spilled a drop.

(Shat loves shat, shet-shet, shot-shot, and shut-shut even more, DOK-TORE In Wayne-poo makes my drier-shoe shoot slick streamers skyward!)

My sister tricked me into eating money when we were toddlers and mom was doing something else, like brushing her teeth, vacuuming, or cooking dinner. There was always another load of laundry. Maybe she overslept that morning, and could NOT get up at 5:30 AM again to stay ahead of her early riser, “that girl” in action, as usual, no rest with her around. My sleeping patterns have often gotten interruped by someone or something, as far back as I can remember. That happens to be pretty far. I can still remember looking out from behind the bars of my crib. I still remember chewing on the wooden armrest of that day-bed thing they moved me to after I got larger. I do not remember chewing on the crib, but they told me my teeth weren’t in yet, so I only sucked on my crib. Crib sucker, that’s me. You want me to suck on your crib? How big is it? What color? I often will test-suck almost anything. Normally it is just to see if air will flow through it. I have been studying fluidics and flow technologies from the day I was born, and most people do not realize how far ahead of them that puts me. It is not my self-assessment, as much as an observation and compilation of facts. I notice when others do not, and that very thing makes me want to pay even more attention, like that game “I Spy” which is not the TV series with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. It is a “real game for children” and adults who love children. You try to find something that is hidden in plain sight. Slight of hand, with no motion, you might say. Optical illusion, mostly. Cannot see the tree which I cleverly hid in this forest of other trees, can you? Didn’t think so, since I hid it in plain sight, you’ll never see it by looking for it. You have to look for something “out of place” and trees actually do belong in the forest, so it’s the perfect hiding place for my one special trees. It will look just like all the others! Surely you can see how effective this is: hide among the natives.

Apparently my sister showed me the way to the land of eating money. Poor mom had to make sure that it all came through me okay, and I did not realize then what an unpleasant duty that was. But I know for a fact, I would make a great house pet now, because I have been paper-trained. I can hit the front page with my stuff, every single time, and nothing spills. I prefer to go for the sports page, when I am really giving it my gut reaction, since that is the action page. And everyone knows that sports is a tough and dirty business, and it is SERIOUS about itself. Pretty much like Jesus, except for the self-absorbed part. He was more community minded, but hated large crowds, who often required him to talk without any pay.

Poor guy. I don’t even want to know how hard he had it. I don’t even want to think about most of the things he had to go through. As I understand it, he was the oldest brother in his family, and yet he was not obsessively mean-spirited like so many of them, or subversively cunning like many other older siblings. I do not know what goes wrong for some first-born children, but they almost do not have a chance, or they ruin the special ones that they have, as first born children.

One thing the firstborn has is the chance to be kind to all of his or her younger siblings. This should not be the exception to the rule, but the underlying principle is simple: if you were here first, why should you put up with any newcomers? If you do not want company, then tell the interlopers to leave. You have more rights than they do, as the first-come, first-serve king of slobovia. Imagine what it is like to have the dominant personality, and then be the only child? That probably sets up an addional internal battle, just so the lone child can have fun beating up the weaker self. Sounds pretty sick. That person should become a professional think-expert, and teach the rest of us how to see things wrong, too. Often, that is exactly what Dr. Spock does: misguide the women, who actually have to put up with the bad advice he gave.

And their offspring, who go springing off in natural abandon, to figure it all out for themselves all over again, after listening to mother and father squabble about who knows best. I’ll tell you who knows best it this world: The Street, and all your children’s wild and crazy friends who are infallible with their opinions and other bodily functions.

That’s who is running this ship aground. Rich kids who grew up greedy and hungry, and poor folks who want to be just like them. They (the humans with carnal hearts) are ruining it further and further every day. Some of them will show you how to turn your money into their dreams, when some of us are actually starving now, with college degrees, and bad attitudes about getting any reward in this life.

Continuing as we do, it can’t take very much longer. Turn to stone. Freeze in place. Grab on to something tied down. We’re going to get blown away, again. You might figure sooner rather than later. Yet if you want, you may simply party down, dudes.

Too many words again. What value do any of them have? Unread, they are worthless. Misunderstood, they are meaningless. Found offensive, they are failed intentions. Overall, that makes failed intentions effectively equal to intentional failures.

So, I meant to end up this miserable. As the failure, I am therefor not miserable, since I missed my goal to be miserable. Now, I am unhappy about by happiness. I did not want this much happiness, which is the misery I expected. I wanted to fail at this part too, so the rest of it would be thematically consistent, like that blog the stranger from Oregon (Hannah) had on WordPress. We almost became friends, but I said some stupid thing, I know I did. I do that a lot. Here I am, doing it again. Time to shut up and take another nap, after I put some songs on the second page of this.

This, my instantly revealing insanity rant which fails to finish the job. This one.
–g♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ –> go listen to them ♫ ♪ ♫

These 8 songs were posted in my FaceBook, half before midnight, and the others this morning, but I really like having them in the playlist order I wanted them, and chained together, like here. If that were possible to do there, I might forget to come back here and put them on for my really special friend, who actually cares about *me* personally, and has spent many hours of personal time, just listening to what it is *I* do not like about this world. We mostly know she’s having too much trouble getting the start-part of adulthood to work out. I had less trouble, and it seemed like we could help one another, with lots of listening, and lots of trying to understand, and the occasional moment of co-epiphany. Those moments are precious, and priceless, and Real. Fleeting, but real.


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5 Responses to True And Real (TAR)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    i’m on a computer that won’t make fancy hearts like yours. hehe.

    so here’s your answer, my way,


    whoa that kinda gives me a headache to read that. LOL.

    anyway, funny you should write of swallowing/eating things as a child.

    the little one is teething badly…and she has started putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. today i caught her putting dog food in her mouth…*rolls eyes*…she doesn’t have enough teeth to chew much yet. esp. hard dog food. so of course i caught it in time, or else she’d have been choking. thank God.

    i had to get a new cell again…same #…email me your #s again, please? in the transfer, some of the #s did not transfer. thank you!

  2. Galen says:

    (I’ll put this in your comments too)

    How about if I just give you the number here instead?
    Telemarketers call me all the time, and I hate “them”
    Them is not really right, what they do’s what’s hated
    The things they does, did, will do. So here, in words
    With pretty flower-hearts in betwist their nice selfs
    (these lines all align if you use monospace font!!!!)

    That should get you through the confusion of wireless
    I like wire much more as something real. Visible wire

    This wire for hire? 😀

  3. Galen says:

    Okay, I found my error (on that always lingers like some little cussed devil, darn it!), where my oversight left the cell # not fully spelled out. I omitted just one one (1) that goes just ahead of the final nine (9) in that last string of words and hearts, wah-wah. (get it?) –g♥

  4. tearsofmine says:

    lol. no. but i knew it was missing a number. so how about ya just email me the #s…or redo the comment? lol!

  5. Galen says:

    You’re trying to set me up for something. You know I’ll mess it up, don’t you? Okay, but then the lines don’t match for length. I’m trying to do that normal thing of changing what you asked for into what I want to give you. Have you ever had anyone do that to you? You ask for a fish, they give you a snake. You ask for a snake, they give you a stick. You ask for a stick, and they poke you with it. You know the type. Most of us have at least one uncle who just loves to tease us. My Uncle Earl always told my sister that strawberries would make her eyes turn green like his, so she may as well not eat them, but she could give them to him. His eyes were already ruined by that anti-strawberry reaction, so with his green eyes he’d save her from the misery of not being brown-eyed like she was born. It almost worked on her, too. She figures men are almost all liars. It probably isn’t one of Earl’s mistakes, however. Phone number? What phone number? Well, if you call me on the land line (which I got right) I could tell you the cell number. I could also find the email I sent last time you lost my info.

    Those are all less easy than just doing what you asked for, even if I think you shouldn’t need it that way. I’ll stop being difficult (temporarily) and just send you new versions of the same old information. That’s all you need, or want, or ask for. I gotta stop this natural sales technique (bait and switch) before it kills us!
    :o) (my nose is puffy) ♥

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