Anti-Bully-Bully-Amen (ABBA)™

Mostly it became necessary in public school to know who were the bullies and who were their targets, or favorite targets. With bullies, everyone is a target, but mostly it is someone weaker who will not put up any fight, or not much of a fight that isn’t easily overcome. Bullies like to play hard and win big. If they can win big without working, so much the better. I am not saying that professional athletes are simply grown up adult persons who get paid to be tough, playing hard, and winning big, like any bully. They are no such thing. They do not win, they get paid to win. There’s a big huge victorious difference there, and it has nothing to do much with money, entirely.

Somewhere along the way to adulthood I got taught what I learned in my own hood, which may have actually hoodwinked me into thinking I knew what I was talking about at any given time. I did no such thing; many times I even admitted that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I admit that, even now. Point is, after it became obvious I could find the bully in the group, or usually the big man who was the head of the big man club, it seemed no problem to get the bully to fight with itself. This is because Satan cannot cast out Satan, but often tries to do just that, using castings of outed Satan to do it with. Satan should leave Satan well enough alone, but it is only human nature for Like to Like Like. Like, duh, man.

Forgive my ignorance, from not knowing my own Creator, who expected me to protect my own mind, but I forgot. 😦 Yet all is not lost, all my many friends and strangers out there in cyber-heartland, so get very un-sad now and just cheer right on up! My best internet friend ever (M’bife?) sent me this in e-mail (like in the good old days less than 10 years back) and I just wanted to see it here, and think that someone else might like to see it.

I’d do almost anything (for her, but even this, for others) if I thought it would help. I like to help. My most disappointing experience is that often, I fail. If I were to set ‘Failure’ as my goal, I still would not succeed. No help for perfectionists, is there? It would have to be perfect, for it actually to help.

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Top Images 2008

(this will be import to my Farce-Book notes)


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