Short heartfelt example

This was forward-relayed to me by my own daughter:(after some nagging from me) that is all I have to say about any of this, for now, and it’s more than I’d have been wanting to say…


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3 Responses to Short heartfelt example

  1. Amy says:

    Wow, that definitely made me cry. 😥

  2. Galen says:

    Thickening in the throat also takes over. It helps me not to feel so sorry about my own situation (when/if I am feeling that way again), for one thing… I doubt I’ve ever suffered like that little one did (and hundreds or thousands like her), or if I did I sure don’t remember it now. Only thing I know is how it feels to miss someone whether they have passed on or not. Sometimes the one we have lost isn’t even another human, and it hurts almost as deeply, for what seem like foolish reasons.

    My prayers of thanks always include lots of tears, for the happy/sad! 😥
    (maybe there’s a proper emoticon to use here but I forgot what!)


  3. tearsofmine says:

    aw. oh man i cried…

    sorry i haven’t called. my stomach is still killing me. heh. and life is just crazy busy tryin to get Christmas stuff done. 🙂

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