PI Set How Op Table (P-SHOT)™


Perhaps I shall explain the “how or why” of posting this a bit later even
(PI set how op table)

Thus, if something needs clarification, it would be made known and more words would appear. Content is what people really want, but format is how they find it to be worth noticing in the first place, and often it would seem that little or no content is required to make huge impressions.

Amazing big, empty and soulless things, a beast. Merely symbolic, not really alive yet not dead.

Out of the two blogs per second being created, how many are just spam-bot generated “pocket monsters” and how many have someone’s personality behind them? Might be like a grain of sand.

16:17 11/10/2007 ¤ 22:44 11/10/2007 ¤ 12:32 11/12/2007 10:49 11/14/2007


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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8 Responses to PI Set How Op Table (P-SHOT)™

  1. Tricia says:

    Do I Know you? What? Hey, don’t give me that look, I was only kidding!

    Seriously though, you haven’t visited my diary in a very long time. I actually thought you hated me or something.

    I guess you checked out the video I told Amy about. I was slow in figuring that out though.

    Most people with my name have the “sh” spelling. If my name had that spelling, maybe i wouldn’t mind being called “Trish”. Since I have “cia” at the end though, I dislike being given a nickname by people.

  2. Galen says:

    Yeah, I always more-or-less figured Tricia was derived from Patricia (from an earlier discussion elsewhere recently, even) and hadn’t stopped to think (a form of stupidity) how it really could be the exact name someone has. Not liking being given a nickname isn’t something anyone should have to explain, yet it happens all the time.

    Of course, we might remember that Jennifer did not want to be known as Jenny, or even Jenn, but rather Jen was how she’d have prefered it. If preferences even matter anymore (to anyone else), which might be just wishful thinking on anyone’s part or heart.

    “You have the CIA following you, so I had better watch your/my step!” or something…

    I like trying to think of ways to trick myself into remembering stuff. And about the only thing I’ll ever hate is being forgotten. Maybe you feel like that too! 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Oh, I like the song you tacked on the end of this. I should go to more orchestra performances. 😛

    I actually didn’t see that much at the White Elephant Sale. We didn’t stay very long. Joseph has been sick, and was very cranky today. We probably didn’t even stay an hour. Just long enough to get Jessie’s face and fingernails painted, talk to a few people, and eat lunch. I would have liked to stay longer, but I was getting pretty frustrated with Joseph, as I’m sure my aunt was, too. 😛 It was good to get them out, though. They’re always stuck in the house because they only have one vehicle, and my uncle uses it to go to work, obviously.

    Anyway. I’m rambling. I think I’ll quit that now. 😛

  4. tearsofmine says:

    *waves* i hope you have a good day.

  5. Amy says:

    and i hope you have a good night, because it’s WAY too late to wish you a “good day.” 😛


  6. tearsofmine says:

    -WAVES-…Hi. 🙂

  7. Amy says:


    *echo*Hi hi hi hi hi….*/echo*

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