Tacitly, Or… (TO)™


==g…unless, of course, we were to write words more than those ones we heard before! (snore?)zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
12:48 10/19/2007
sources sometime cease, yet this one still seems to work or play (it functions): but for how long?…?…?…………………
15:07 10/19/2007
another pair (becoming trio) from before but with something extra nice embedded between:
which means it is three, with the girl in the middle
someboyd else must do this math for me, my adder is all defunct now!
(similarly, these artists are Quite Equally Defunct — QED!)


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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3 Responses to Tacitly, Or… (TO)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    i had that first one (the techno/robot voice-ish one) on a mix CD that Angie had made for me…*sigh*…i miss her.

  2. Galen says:

    leave it to my utter stupidity (litmus?) to come up with another reminder, eh? well, let’s see what i stumble out next! :-/

    i am sure you never mentioned that mix CD to me, so how did i manage to step in the muck again? (talent is what it should take!) 😀

    i have just recently started trying to find numerous missing links caused by an unmentioned occurence here in this machine (lost many bookmarks from feb-present) so i might start repeating myself, only in reverse

    they probably have a name for this condition, too!

    meanwhile, the rocks are falling onto the roadway (99E) and the bleachers are falling apart (high school sports) so we gots troubles in these here parts, like always…

  3. tearsofmine says:

    it’s ok…how could you have known? you couldn’t have.

    i will always miss her.

    she was near and dear to my heart.

    a very good friend.

    just like you are a very good friend.

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