They All Learned Kissing At Slumber Parties (TALK ASP)™



this was originally conceived but never posted, on July 3 of this year, just before 3am, for some forgotten reason that it made sense to write something down even in the electronic way. I have embellished it somewhat and not used any of my belly moves, either!

From what I’ve been told (when I listened, and half-way believed it) some of the girls’ slumber parties (admittedly the guys’ may also have been, but not the ones I went to) were used as educational forums (or is that fora?) to learn ahead of time how to be what would always be, has always been, is still so often called “being a good kisser” where they might say they want to know “is he a good one?” which appears to relate strongly to that “it is better to give than to receive” idea — where actually sharing is not possible, that is — inasmuch as the other person receives our kisses, we wish them to be the best ones ever.

Why share disgusting affection, if that even makes sense? Kissing is something quite special, especially to humans. The other kissers do not appreciate it less, but they do not have as much “lip talent” and so forth. For example, cat kisses are always furry and often involve teeth. This is usually too alien to the average human, although there really is no one (1) average human in the ideal sense. But I seem to have changed the subject away from kissing, so back to that. Pucker in reverse is Rekcup. (buy the weigh)

Maybe I will do it again someday, but this is very doubtful, and worth doubting as well. And this is special also. To know the future with any certainty is also to doubt that anything as pointless as kissing could be vital or basic or needed. Thus, absence is perfection.

This is similar to nothing is perfect. Or equal.

Probably nothing could exactly equal the pointlessness of this post!

Mayhaps ‘twere simply to ponder and croon, “I’ll Never Kiss, Again…” (INKA)™ or some silly teasing thing! 😛

This is where more will go, should I decide after this point in time to put more here. Right now it is:

21:54 10/17/2007

Next, I shall connect to the internet and then to the blog where I shall make this posting today, so that the mark is made on the wall hanging. This will help if disconnected disco-ducks try to waddle through the nonsense as such things happen all the time. Either that or other things happen instead! So, on with the show…


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9 Responses to They All Learned Kissing At Slumber Parties (TALK ASP)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    so is your INKA a reference that I should name baby #4 something that starts with an A *winks (i think you know what i’m talking about…)

    miss ya.

  2. tearsofmine says:

    PS: I ALMOST used this as my layout yest. when i was bored and scrolling through them. 🙂 glad they finally put a new one up…wish there were more.

  3. Galen says:

    For some reason your second remark got waylaid in this thing’s spam-catcher, but I unhooked that one and let it run or fly free (like it was born to be) again. I have no idea how that happens unless it is like “flood control” or something. Try posting more than two in rapid succesion (if you feel like it) and we can find out! 🙂

    Hey, you should give it some time, this layout, it’s the newest one, only a few days old (if you can find any time that you are not already using some other way) before you go switchin’ around (believed me, I do it enough to know) so much! No, nevermind, don’t pay any attention to that. Check out this typical spam-trap catch, as compared to your much-more-welcome words:

    exertanyday (email, website, IP)
    I is pleasantly amazed! Thank!!!

    or this one:

    Anosokjob (email, website, IP)
    I’ve got an Amazon gift certificate burning holes in my pocket,
    and I want to get the most bang for my buck.

    Enter the Secret Amazon Web Pages:
    (attempted spam link deleted)
    This is where you’re going to find the “latest sales, rebates, and limited-time offers” from
    Amazon, and you can score some pretty deep discounts if you’re a savvy shopper.

    Next, there’s the special Sale link. This is open every Friday, and ONLY on Fridays.

    You can find the same good discounts here as you would in hidden Deals, although some
    Fridays you can really get lucky and make off like an Amazon bandit – I’ve seen discounts
    there as low as 75% off sticker price.

    These definitely are not comments worth remembering with anything other than mild contempt, I’d say!

    Meanwhile, to answer your question: Shucks, NO! I’m not suggesting anything, in fact, it would have messed it all up if you had chosen one starting with A since you said otherwise (or I derangedly dreamed it!) and it shall start with something other than A if I am not mistaken. It is easily possible (and somewhat predictable) for me to be that way, again and again, mistaken. Oh, you knew that, didn’t you! 😀

    Okay, now whar wuzn’t I?

  4. tearsofmine says:

    there is a note for you at 2 diff. entries of mine…the ranting one, and then the protected one…the latest protected one, if that helps. 🙂

  5. tearsofmine says:

    oh…yet again i’ve thought of something else to say regarding my rant post….i shall type it in the comments there…

  6. tearsofmine says:

    oh PS: CHECK YOUR EMAIL! *grin

  7. Amy says:












    i think you get the point…..


  8. Galen says:

    you are providing the soundtrack for the secret life of bees? 🙂
    what makes you think i know how to admit that i get the point? hmmm???? you suspect something, don’t you? 😉 meanwhile, i have some dreams to work on, don’t you?

  9. tearsofmine says:

    sleep…wonderful thing, if you can get it. hahaha.


    miss you G. 🙂

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