Big Important Leaders Leading (BILL)™


Bill is short, yet interesting, as words go (or come). It is also sometimes used as the name for someone, usually male, and human. But it can be the duck’s beak, for example. Once upon the old west time, there was this guy who got the name “Bill” even though it was not his name. And, unlike others who are called “Bill” but really named “William” and that starts with “W” and not “B” anyway, he got that name after having a nickname: “Duckbill Hickok” wanted respect, so he became “Bill Hickok” and then was notoriously named “Wild Bill” to connote that wooly wild western youth of his — when they had teased him with the nickname he did not want to have.

Marksmanship is one of those skills that has some degree of inherent ability and some degree of learned and refined ability. Anything arduous requires motivation in proportion to the difficulty. We gain more ability by doing things over, and generally more works better than less. The repetition factor can include rate and intensity (depends on what it is being done) and these are only two aspects that might affect the result. Too much of anything can be counterproductive, and we can sometimes try too hard to get what we want, and go toward failure simply because we go past the edge of being reasonable. We all “lose it” a little, now and then, in terms of thinking we can, and then find we cannot, “take anymore” of whatever is happening.

For guys like Wild Bill, it often ended in gunplay. If you got ’em, you use ’em if you have the pressing opportunity with no known escape available. This is where it sometimes once became the unspoken rule to give any adversary three steps toward the door (no matter what the offence), just so that place (usually a public one) would not suddenly have a corpse inside of, and instead the dead guy could be pulled off the street and taken to the local “Boot Hill” of which there were many no-so-famous ones.

Something scary is that we are finding the bodies in parking lots around here lately. Why does it seem like Marshall Dillon is sorely needed again? Has Miss Kitty let the whole town get plastered and nobody can see straight anymore? Gwarsh, I hopes not! That just chaps my holsters, it does.

We did at least a half-dozen Lynyrd Skynyrd songs back in the 70’s and 80’s (and early 90’s) in those few bands that included me. This was one that I used the Takemine 12-string on, with my HotDot bridge pick-ups that I had installed myself:

Okay, so that’s one (post, but two songs) for today. Economically speaking, we need to keep the balance between abundant demanders amongst the scarcity of reliable suppliers. It is easier to want to receive than it is to want to give. Oh, how brilliant. Once one of my co-workers commented that he thought I stayed awake at night trying to think of brilliant things to say. He was at least as sarcastic as I (am)!

And, as per usual, if these audio players fail to function, they will be “CURSED” by this gardener, and they will be replaced by good stock. Just what none of us wants done to us (being easily replaced), but these are not people, they are players. Some people are only players, but they want to be treated like people. Too bad for them. Maybe they should have thought about that, when they were cheating. Quick, everyone look around to see who I might be slammin’ here! 😉

This did not seem to have anything to do with leadership, did it? Well, that’s no accident, but possibly (not yet) something will show up on the second page having to do with our leaders. We have several of them now, and we’re thinking about selecting our next “fearless” one to replace the bush-baby. We are in for some bigger trials, not smaller ones, and it is due to those “bad choices” we all make in putting the “king” in charge when he’s never earned anything the hard way, if at all, other than by being born into it.

Therefore, let me wish my formerly dominant female partner (Kelly) the happiest 45th birthday she’ll ever have! Many happy returns of the day (46, 47, 48…), my dear. And, God willing, I’ll be here 10 years from now when you get to be my age, and I will actually still be able to make a computer or a guitar do “something useful” which is actually only useful in terms of human values, whatever they are. This is funny to wish her happy birthday on the web, since (last I heard) this is that last place she’d spend any time or attention.


still thinking…


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10 Responses to Big Important Leaders Leading (BILL)™

  1. Amy says:

    Still thinking, huh? I quit thinking hours ago. 😛

    Well, pretty soon I have to skedaddle off the web for an advising appointment, then I’m going home. Woo-hoo! Tomorrow I get to get up early and go to work; hopefully they’ll have enough stuff to keep me busy.

    Um… OK, my train of — rambling — thought just got derailed.

    It’s about time to leave for that appointment anyway…supposed to start in 1/2 an hour, and I like to be a little early, y’know.

    So while I’m in my meeting, why doncha go check out the new {SHORT} entry over at ToBeHis?

    Adios, amigo!

  2. Galen says:

    I will have to go look again, since I think I did that or Imagine so. (and commented, too!) 😉

  3. Amy says:

    I think the high was supposed to be 64(F) today; it’ supposed to be 62 tomorrow.

    Now I have to go wash the dishes, because Thursday is my dishes night. (Joy, joy.)

    Then I’m going to watch “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”

    That show is AWESOME. I think I’m becoming addicted. 😛 Have you seen it?



    Nope… can’t think of anything else to say. Guess your comment space will just have to be bereft of my presence for a while. *angel face*



  4. Galen says:

    I have not seen that show. In fact, right now I do not remember knowing there was a show with that title. What’s it about? 😀

    We made it to 60 today. I virtually remembered what it felt like to break a sweat, but it didn’t happen to me. Maybe tomorrow, since the pattern is setting up for sunshine coming our way this weekend. Maybe the perspiration can get real this time, who knows?

    We (my comment space and I) will calmly be eager for your next few words. I think I’ll go hunt for that show you mentioned, since I might learn something, and so far today, I am not all that certain I’ve gained much (knowledge)!

    Hey, I liked that last phrase quite a bit!
    ♥ ♫ ♪ § ▬ ↨ ↑ → ← ∟ ↔ ► ◄ ▲ ▼ hey those look like “play buttons” or directional symbols, like forward/reverse or next/previous)

    That last version of signature looks a lot like Gene Autry’s logo, doesn’t it? He was Flying A Productions or something like that (I should remember, I’ve watched plenty of his “oaters” seeing any “A” with wings looks that way to me, usually).

    Later… tomorrow… after that… etc.

  5. Amy says:

    Here’s the site for “Are Y ou Smarter Than A FiFth Grader?”:

    It’s a gameshow. They ask you 10 categories, you get to pick the order you go in … the categories range from 1st grade to 5th grade (there are two categories for each grade). If you get all the answers right, you get a million-dollar question. There are 5 fifth graders in the “class” who are taking the same test you do. They get to help you take the test — each kid stands beside you for two questions. During the course of the game, you have three “cheats” that you can use: 1) Peek — you can look at your classmate’s answer, but you don’t have to use it. 2) Copy — you have to use your classmate’s answer. 3) Save — if you get the answer wrong, but your classmate gets it right, then your classmate saves you…it’s like you got the answer right, you get the money for the question, and get to keep playing.

    That was really long and drawn out. LOL. Hope it made some sort of sense.

    It sounds like a really simple game, but it’s harder than it sounds. Some of the questions are really easy, but some of them…it’s like, whoa, those are elementary school questions?! Nobody has won $1 dollars yet. Only 1 person has gotten to the million dollar question, but he dropped out because he didn’t feel confident about the category (you can drop out at any time and walk away with the money you’ve earned).

    So. Yeah. LOL.

    How art thou today?

    ⌠⌡ ╚╩╩╝ ♀♂♀♂♀ ⌐¿ôæòÉö░ ♫♪♫


  6. Galen says:

    oh, approximately (roughly) so-so…

    tha’s sum mitey fancy alt-key tricks, ma’am!
    looks like a musical event of some sort, and
    at least five people standing up by windows
    or candles or something. this theme (“neat”)
    has such a tiny font in the comment section
    here that it might have to change soon! even
    without your art i wish to sit back in this
    chair so it can make my back hurt properly!

    how on earth (or any planet) do you come up
    with this (these) things? and, other than a
    bit amazing to me again, how are *thou* on
    this 12th of the 10th? Christopher Columbus
    wants to know! (well, he should!)

  7. Amy says:

    Yeah, I agree that the font is kind of small on those comments. It’s nice and big when you type everything out, though.

    Why does Christopher Columbus want to know? His day is almost a week past now, y’know.

    That alt-key thing was just the product of me randomly pressing numbers. I like to see what different combinations of numbers make. So it was really just an accident that it came out that way, you see. 🙂

      Hm. Seems to me that alt+255 is just a space, cuz I just pushed it twice and all it entered was a space. Interesting.

    §¶○¶§ {z}♦♣♠•♠♣♦{z} §¶○¶§

  8. Galen says:

    hereihaveusednospacesatallso thereoops

    back in the previous century we used oct 12 1492
    as the day that land was sighted from the sailor
    on the pinta and of course the leader figured it
    was all terriroty with no people in or on it, so
    new that he felt compelled to give it a name for
    the map they were surely keepinp of the journey,
    so of course chris was good italian catholic and
    so he named the island something new much to the
    surprise of the natives after they finally got a
    clue. if they did. usually they didn’t.

    it is not known exactly what day he was born, so
    most places use monday as their holiday off from
    school or work or govern/serving. 🙂

    oh, i watched the last 20 min of that show. i will
    have to have a full dose, i am certain. it seems i
    must limit my intake of seeing people of any adult
    age being unable to answer those questions i heard
    not to mention the wrong answers from the groan-up
    contestant (groan all mine). unfortunately most of
    what i did hear was of the nature of useful trivia
    where if you knew it it was obvious but otherwise,
    there would likely be a nice-sounding other answer
    (trick, i.e.) to pull some off-course.

    i typed straight edges on all those lines! tricky!
    (of course without fixed-font, we cannot “see” it

    so, yeah, and it’s got jeff foxworthy, too!

    now… i must go do some other unspecified things!

  9. Amy says:

    i’m not going to use any caps this time. so there!

    ok, well, since chris wants to know… my day was good today. i finished all the work they had for me by 10am (work starts at 8), so for most of the day i just sat at my computer playing games. fun!!! 🙂 now i’m up to no good wasting time on the comptuer … but you didn’t hear that from me! 😛

    yes, you definitely need to watch an entire episode. i love it!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    ok. enough rambling. ttyl.

    ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy {don’t ask why all the extra m&m’s … cuz i really don’t know. hehe}

  10. Galen says:

    well here i am in lower case seven hours later and none the richer nor poorer for it or anything else either! my watching will require me to skip watching another episode of mynameisearl so that will be another possible benefit hidden to me until i find it by taking it. or something 🙂

    you were giving me the suggestion of wanting some m-ampersand-m-apostrophe-s perhaps, which is not such a bad idea as it is like sweet torture since i seem to have consumed my entire supply of those morsels

    which, when you have only one, should not have any ampersand in it

    should it?

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