Case Of Stolen Titles (COST)™


They say it is all over the web today, so unless this is not the web it should be here too!! The magnitude of irreparable damagingly serious errors we have made possible for ourselves (and our descendants) now is staggering if not appalling or worse (we’ll find out). The woman in question has ample reasons for being more than just “upset” if they AMPUTATED parts that were not bad parts. We are not told to cast off that which is good for us, and women need their self-esteem, even if it has only to do with the flesh. After all, we have to live in this flesh, whether we like it or not. And, with whatever we have, we can only do just so much, and it might not be such a casual decision as to whether to keep or discard parts of ourselves.

It can be as simple as not wanting to cut the hair, or the nails, but instead to let them just grow the way they “obviously were meant to do” since that is what they do. They grow. Even after we die, our hair and nails do not, right away, just give up the “ghost” that makes them do what they do. And they are ours, these hairy skins and naily fingers and toes. Wiggly things have hair and nails on them.

I had originally put this title a different way. Like this:

Case Of Stolen Titties (COST)™

(Isn’t that just toooooo (un)funny?)

So I’m 100% on her side, or behind her all the way, or something like that. That woman who lost her chest in the sea of medicine is on my list of “pray-for’s” and I do not know her at all. She’ll have some comfort in this life (but not really any recompense for what was taken from her flesh) and then, later, it’ll be wonderful, and nothing will be missing.

Caring about something being gone will simply not have time to happen anymore!

I feel the earth… move… under my feet…

I just felt the need to get that off my chest. Some chests have things on them. Knobs?


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