Hinting Once Now Even Yet (HONEY)™

15:57 10/5/2007

the clock says tick-tock or now it is 12:13 10/4/2007 | link together clues or dots lining up the outline for ideal models representing reality | if this time any plan can be followed then these days will be marks on the calendar in due course | look back later to see if nothing went wrong or right or left or back or circled around |


then one more | after those | which is ? | honeycombs have | six-sided cells | why? hex? code?
(of course there should always be more until the utterly final finish)
why not (he said) give more clues, since hardly anyone seems interested and we do not want even the small crowd (of perhaps only one) at hand if we want the game afoot in this leg of the journey to wherever it might be eventually.
12:44 10/5/2007

|*01*| 02 | 03 |*04*| 05 | 06 |*07*|
| 08 |*09*| 10 |*11*| 12 |*13*| 14 |
| 15 | 16 |*17*| 18 |*19*| 20 | 21 |
| etc......_____...... > > > > | | |

(gosh i hope this plays!)XX[next project goes here]



About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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4 Responses to Hinting Once Now Even Yet (HONEY)™

  1. tearsofmine says:

    well…i’m confused…and lost…haha. but that is fairly normal for me i guess.

  2. Galen says:

    if you were not so normally fair then i’d be less unconfused than you! 😉
    hey, when we figure it all out we can throw our minds away finally! (if they do not get thrown some other way some other how!) what time is is now? what time is it not now? nevermind… over nevermatter, neverwhen? definitely perhaps!

  3. tearsofmine says:

    oooh i like this new look…i toyed with making it the look at my place. 🙂 and do you per chance know how to e-mail a song file (i guess thats what their called) i have saved to my computer? i have the sheryl crow one uploaded from a CD on my windows media player, and if you want i could email it to you??

  4. Galen says:

    yehs! (i jes’ wok’ up from another nap or knapp?) i saw you using this one a while back, i remember. when i first started looking at templates here i *avoided* all the ones with header images since i figured it would distract me like any nifty detail will often do. i’ll try not to change it too soon, again. 🙂

    well, you can e-mail the one file for that song, which you probably have now got in “wma” format (unless you have your settings put so it makes mp3 files) as an attachment (using whichever email program you want). the main problem there is that the file is probably at least 3 megabytes and might not be “okay” as an attachment (it is just too big). compression will not work on this type of file. if it won’t go as an email attachment, you’ll have to upload it to some hosting place (not here for that type of thing) like box.net or fileden or esnips or odeo or etc. (sounds like more work and time you have not got, don’t it?)

    usually when you upload the contents of an audio CD it does the conversion to the form you’ll use on the computer. the wma format makes files that are almost the same size as the mp3 format in nearly every case i’ve ever noticed, so the only reason that matters is that all the “players” you’ll find in most places will “expect” the mp3 with the correct sample rate and all that fun stuff.

    “let me know if you want more help with this” (please!) 😀


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