Yielding: Emily’s Song (YES)™


No explanation again really. Did that before. Whether (or not) it is fun (for anyone) to guess at the names or whatever of the other two in this medley mix mash-up concoction (converted from three mp3 files to three wav files, then concatenated to one wave and converted back to one mp3, then prepared for “launch” into orbit…) is up to the listener, after the listening is possible. This is just the lyric to the first part, the overture or whatever might be the right thing to call it. Call it. See if it answers. My answers are getting fewer and farther between, as the saying goes, if it does. Does it?
Emily’s Song
– Zbbql Oyhrf (r.t. Unljneq, Ybqtr, rg.ny.)

Lovely to know the warmth
Your smile can bring to me
I want to tell you but
The words you do not know

Sing me a lullaby
Of songs you cannot write
And I will listen for there’s
Beauty where there’s love

And in the morning of my life
And in the evening of my day
I will try to understand
In what you say…

Rivers of endless tides have
Passed beneath my feet
And all too soon they had me
Standing on my own

Then when my eyes were closed
You opened them for me
And now we journey through our
Lives to what will be

And in the morning of my life
And in the evening of my day
I will try to understand
In what you say

Through all that life can give to you
Only true love will see you through
And will stand beside you now
In what you say

[instruments only]

And in the morning of my life
And in the evening of my day
I will try to understand
In what you say

Take me into your world
Alone I can not go
For I’ve been here so long
You’re leaving me behind

Walk with me now
Into your land of fairy tales
And open up that book of pages in my mind
(or “open up… ages in my mind”)

MODIFIED:Source: http://www.sing365.com

(source: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/PrintLyrics?OpenForm&ParentUnid=64905BB0E18F2BB648256A6A00220533)


[player, after uploaded soundfile exists===pause]
you’ll see what I mean after I get the three-part deal done, then this line will have a line through it and not a river running anywhere! then, we shall see the strong turn to strike…
(change “ong” to “ike” twice)

Nothing more, yet. See if anyone can guess anything about these songs. As the saying goes, “just for fun” and laughing maybe? 😉
[ odeo player if completed ]

From Wikipedia On To OEDO[odeo=http://odeo.com/audio/16563373/view]


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