Contributors Openly Invited Now (COIN)™


Someone had a forum he called the two-cents forum. The desire to be the king of the cyberhill could kill the thrill for everyone else if the two-cents were really just another mask for the greasy greedy heart of hog-gold. That was not so apparent at first. What they hide inside their hide is driven by the pride of empty headed nowhere-ness. Tough and proud and dumb and strong and ready and willing and unstoppable.

Not like someone that just nags and nags and nags. No, they make everyone else turn away from you laughing or sneering or hissing. And then, they point at your broken state of inescapable defeat as proof that they knew and were destined to beat you.

Hello, rug. Dusty, ain’t we? :-G that is not any official smiley I ever heard/saw. But is it “me” after all? I am… at least, I think I must be.

I have made someone else a contributor here, and if she discovers that I did it she can go ahead and make a post here. Not a comment, an actual post in this blog instead of her own personal one.

WordPress is so versatile, I have not bothered trying to think of things that “I wish they had thought of doing on here” since they keep doing most anything I’d want and even before I thought of wanting it, they’ve gotten it working and useful right out of the chute.

Chutes and ladders.

Not shoots and latters.

Sheesh! That was just a bunch of words, wasn’t it? So this means I have got at least 3 separate blogs here, and that is not counting the independently hosted versions I’ve made/started (such as the one at freehostia which has not been visited for weeks now).

Too many things to do, and not all of them will get done, or even started, or even thought about at all.

Not like this. Words words words words words (and more)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥…………………

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2 Responses to Contributors Openly Invited Now (COIN)™

  1. Amy says:

    You invented a new smilie! :-G

    Man, my mind just went blank.

    Oh, yeah, you mentioned Chutes and Laddres… I LOVE that game! Almost as much as Candy Land! 😀

    How in the whole wide world ARE you, anyway? 😛

  2. Amy says:

    I meant Chutes and Ladders not Chutes and Laddres, silly rabbit!

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