Another Small Audio Sample (AS AS)™


As opposed to “As Is” which is the yard-sale or garage-sale or tag-sale or rummage-sale idea of you get what you see when you buy the thing, as is, we have this, as as. It is as it is. As it is, it is. It is, as.

Just two letters, and not much as a word by itself.


Oh well. Ow.

Here is less than one minute of me working on a song I learned already for someone I do not really know but would love with all my heart if it were the right thing to do.

And it is the right thing to do, as far as I can do it. From here, it is a long way to there, and yet my imagination stretches.

Like that armstrong character could do with the plastic anatomy.

wonton-spool loops-notnow

(Line Of Anagrams Dear LOAD™)
dangerloops :: ponder goals :: personal god :: sloped organ :: dragons pole

Maybe it will happen on this good earth that the whole song can come partly from me being included in whatever it is that it all ends up being.

With or without individual egosystems (wowie), this really includes me (trim). If I had my way (could do everything my little heart desired) then I would have played and sung this entire 3:43 (or whatever it is) song with my own voice, so that the wonderful young woman who gave me this song years ago over the web could hear me singing my love to her. But that is not what happens. Instead, I am then under-a-minuteman. Sometimes called “shorty” or otherwise always somehow given the shorter end (sharper?) of the dish-it-out-of-respect-stick! Yay (small-wise) for me. ahem.

Further, I would have chosen (by strategy) to do this two weeks ago (which if you can figure 31 – 14 you can get that date which I have never had with someone as fine as she is) and not be too edgy about it, so that it would be like candles on the cake, which you can never eat and then still have.

Cakeless here, in Canby, ChiC!?! So two weeks was once called a fortnight!

Where the heck is fort night? On the dark side of the street?
13:13 9/3/2007
The supplemental program information thus provided is given (spit pig?) from me to you which is like having the luau right here in front of me front!?!

Oddly enough while looking for this I found someone who joined YouTube on 04/05/06 (which has other significance, in my “other” blog among several others) and who goes by the name CarolinaGirl and also the name Kelly and also is (or was) 27 years old which makes her seem like the same person who gave me this file hosted from her college account at the NC campus back east. So what a loop this non-aloof fool has been spooling with, lemme tellya! (and I wanna stop, really I do!!!!)


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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13 Responses to Another Small Audio Sample (AS AS)™

  1. Charlie says:

    I would like to attempt to find this information straight, though the thoughts are bent and refuse to iron themselves out. This song; which I have not heard, but tend to listen to, as well; as well as t0o; but not until 2, which has already come and gone; is the short line over a long connected distance (LCD) of connection with this person you would like to like if she would desire to be, as in with you or I; without me.

    It seems as thought your fear nothing in speech but, consequently; speak poignantly out of fear (SPOOF). Love is funny when it inflicts; like a flick in funny love places. You can, if you desire, know what I mean; in-and-of-time (IOTA). Time we don’t have but use, waste, horde, like whores. People we never will mean to ever never know, you know how that goes, and where, and what that means, if it can; or wishes to, in these or any circumstance, we choose to lie upon. (As opposed to lay on).

    Keep up that chin….that’s where you will find the light. (if you are looking for it in the first place). In spite of yourself. (I-SOY).



  2. hebdomadaire says:

    thank you again ahead of time as well for the encouraging wordings

    myself has not been its usual twisted-straightly self, lately, but however:

    impersonating myself has never been easy, even with blogs and names to play with, i still find

    people are much more interesting, but they are all doing the same thing differently

    so we can darn well try to keep figuring out how to get better without saying we are

    we are not worse, except somewhat for the wear

    how we wear it

    now, where was i wearing myself out just now, besides back here again? 😀
    –g (perhaps the “other” one, or one of them, you know “them”???)

  3. Amy says:

    Sweet dreams…I’m going to bed because I’m so tired…. soooooooo tired. *nods*

    Night night.

  4. tearsofmine says:

    hmm…i dont think i recognise this song…i probably should…have a good day. *hugs* ❤

  5. Galen says:

    i reckon i can (and will) reconnoiter for another “live” version (to put here or at one of my other blogs like the hebdomadaire one that is not this one but is one of the other ones) of this recording (but without any of my thrashing on it) that i got from my favorite K person back in the day of boardie-ness and all that back-and-forth sharing we used to do lots and lots of when we seemed to have time for it somehow

    not like now

    it is “my heart goes out” by warren barfield, and she was saying that the song reminded her of me somehow, i think, but i was not playing the guitar at all at the time, and had no idea how to play this one but it sounded like i could probably enjoy it if i had a reason

    what reason would that be? i do not know

    this is labor day

    there is no labor

    so maybe i will play the guitar again yet one more day, or i could stop and take it up again someday, another day (hey, there’s always another day, isn’t there?)


  6. Amy says:

    Nope. There’s never another day. 😉

  7. Galen says:

    Even if I wanted to admit that you are right (which I do, since you are) I would be hard-pressed to stop searching for the right thing to make things be better in the non-existing tomorrow. Smashing time, I’d have at that since I like to make my thoughts count for something (and a-one, and a-two).

    It is not here yet, some day to call another day, beyond the only one, this one. Yesterday is gone. This is today, and it is all we really have right now. (((I mean, now.) I mean, )I mean)I)…

    !!Echo that you are correct: tcerroc era uoy taht ohcE!!

    ♥ labor ♥ labor ♥

  8. i am always impressed by your words and love of word play. how wonderful it is to frolick in something that can be as stodgy as the english language. i once wrote a paper on it…how stuffy the language and rules can be…yet how free we can be within it.

    how long have you played guitar and written music? that is such an awesome talent! both are!

    we are going nuts on this end, but insanity is a marvelous freedom really. i don’t have the time lately for My Beloved (my computer), so it sits quietly and condemns with its blank, one-eyed stare. Oh, but i love it! to embrace my computer is to embrace the world!

  9. Amy says:


    how are-ya?

    bye-ya. 😛

  10. what is your IQ? i was tested once…well lots of times…but once i was told i am an abstract genius. i couldn’t stand to be a concrete genius…or a standard genius. how do i add music to a post? a friend suggested that i add one to a blog i posted a couple of days ago. i found the instructions, but…well, let’s put it this way. my kids still have to tell me how to use the remote and they run the DVD player. did i just claim any level of genius?

  11. i read amy’s health paper. i related to a lot of what she said. it was a great blog and i wanted to comment but couldn’t figure out how. did i just claim any level of genius??

  12. Galen says:

    I am NOT trying to make the longest comment ever seen in the vanity-sphere, but you cannot tell from this one!

    Part One:

    They gave me some kind of “Stanford-Binet” thing to see about skipping second grade (or more), but the decision was not to do it based on that factor alone and instead to keep me with my own age group. This was probably the best idea, although it seemed odd that after we moved away from Salem and I had to start all over with “no friends” it became more common for me to associate outside of my own age group and be more curious about older and younger folks. Or maybe I was already that way so that’s how they knew they better keep me with “my own” since I was prone to ignoring them anyway! 🙂

    Genius? You are much more than merely a genius, my dear, and I knew you were that (the genius thing) after your first paragraph (of my experience, I have no idea what your first paragraph was, but I want to!!!). I find all forms of “personal analysis” highly interesting (as long as we remember that we’re trying to find good explanations eventually for what happens and not figure out who “the bad guy” is once and for all, or some dumb thing).

    You can probably figure that if you write anything in your blog, I’ll be reading it, and thinking about saying something, and sooner or later I will say something, because you have helped (are helping) something try not to die out inside of me, that has never really needed any help that I could tell, and yet it responds to the invisible healing that comes with caring and hearing about someone else who does. I can tell that you really do. It alwas seems even easier to tell when someone does not, and that may be where I go wrong more often than not. (oh well…)

    I will have to write more about the how-to on posting music. With the typical WordPress account you will not be putting the music file (the mp3 file, usually) here but will need the URL to the file. Once you have that, you can place it inside of brackets preceeded by the string “audio=” and you will get a player that plays the song through once. If you want to have colors in the appearance of the player, or have it loop repeatedly you can change a bunch of options but that gets really a lot more complicated. Some of my “broken” audio players have themselves all visible now with the strike-out tag on them (like this: strike me) so if you saw one of those you could copy-paste the text and look at all the funny geek-speak in there. I might (depending on my “sitting at the computer” tolerance) send you something in e-mail with different examples since you might want to put up your own music instead of hunting for the URLs on the web like I usually do. What I would rather do is play (maybe even sing) one for you now, since it seems like “responding” with something harmonious.

    I think you’re at least what should be called Harmoniously Unadulterated Genius (HUG)™ or better. SO “SUSAN” ME! ! ! 😀

    One of these times if you’ll type in your URL in the box that says Website (in this layout it does) then I will not have to remember to go edit your comments so folks can click on your name and go straight to your blog (this is one of the “features” we might overlook if we look elsewhere).

    Part Two:

    Oh, you have got to be in line for some kind of award if I get to hand ’em out, that’s all I know! (okay, it’s one thing)

    She’s quite the writer, isn’t she?!!! (Galen says YES!)

    Her guestbook is found by first clicking on a link in her blog on the sidebar which then sends you to one of her posts, which has the links to the guestbook for viewing or for signing (commenting, really) the guestbook. Sometimes when the commenting method is not directly incorporated into the blog it is not so easy to find the place to show up and say something (so please, do it, and you can beat me to that one too, since I have only skimmed her most recent post just now).

    The guestbook can be accessed directly with these links:

    View Guestbook[]

    Sign Guestbook[]

    Or you can click on any page in her blog and get to this blog entry which has those two links:


    Thanks for asking about Amy (she’s one of my favorite people I will meet someday “somewhere”) and all that! I’ll keep up with you however slowly I can get around to it!

    I know I have forgotten to touch on all the things folks have said recently here, but you’ll fill in the blanks for me, won’t you? 😉

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ! ! !

  13. bang says:

    et28l6 peace *zap-on*http: //*zap-off*
    [With a name like “bang” what can anyone say or do to top it? The hotmail addy you had is obvious enough, unless the very first Bob is still around! Riiiiiiight… well, at least we got the strange attempt to bring “peace” to the picture and “home” was up there too (not anymore) so good luck (and GO LOOK) banging around elsewhere, bub!

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