Just Another Weird Song (JAWS)™


We often figure baby will first say the name of its mother, not its father, but it might say the name of its father and not its mother. Or baby might just say any sound that comes out really easily and the listener will assign the meaning which the baby might have in mind or might not have in mind. We interpret for that baby when it says the first word (and maybe did not mean to be saying any word at all since we have to infer that connection as a basis or foundation for believing we can figure out the meaning).

Baby might not mean anything by that first word. How would we know that? Talk about mind-reading from the proverbial “get go” and then wondering about it for the rest of our (or their) lives. Can I read my child’s mind, or am I really just a hit-and-miss (ham) guesser?

How would I ever know? Especially if I never ask that kid later what that kid meant. Was the kid kidding me, or was I the kidder kidding as the kid that I am?

Such a kidder, you are, I am! 😀

Here is a strange song that is for babies to understand! I might just leave it at this, and never explain anything else. Not that I have ever explained anything. But I believe I tried, and we all know that in the final analysis, what Yoda said was pretty much true, as far as it goes, which is however far you think you can take it:

Do or do not. There is no try.

Do or do not. There is no try. == Horn Into Root Destroyed!

There are others. That is sort of middle-of-the-road. It almost spells HERD but instead is HIRD. That could be someone’s name, but it would not have been my intention to notice it and then avoid it, so it is here simply by “coincidence” and not “purpose” yet I have to go ahead and use it.

That is like excusing myself ahead of time even if I know it “might be” wrong since it could be taken the wrong way and I know it. But I am doing it anyway, with the presumptuous assumtion that I am not intentionally doing anything of any real consequence.

Like as if I insist I have no importance. So then, why not shut up?

[ baby talk — jan and dean — first find one or more “live links” or else post/host it me’sefff!!! ]

Unplayable Sometimes US

[ audio=http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Bubo-scandiacus-1.mp3,http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Tyto-multipunctata-1.mp3,http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/8/29/193134/COML%20musical/Jan%20and%20Dean%20-%20Baby%20Talk%20%281959%29.mp3,http://www.owlpages.com/sounds/Tyto-multipunctata-3.mp3|righticonhover=0x33ffcc|rightbghover=0xff3399|righticon=0xcc3399|lefticon=0xcc66ff|rightbg=0x990066|leftbg=0x9933cc|slider=0x993366|border=0xff33cc|loader=0xcc66cc|track=0x663366|text=0x66ccff|bg=0x660066|loop=yes ]

Wild Owls Only WOO

Baby Talk Only BTO

ba. ba-ba ba. (ba) mmm-dap mmm-dap, mmm-wah-wah-wah… which means to say, she loves me!

If I wanted to go hit the storage unit I could get out my 45 of this! Packing 45’s was the musical thing to do, back in the day. What day? What year? This one is 1959, when I was only eight.


All’s Fair In Love And War Ending. (AFILAWE)™

= =

Wander, Invalid Reasoning, Fall (WIRF)™

and WIRF is whatever smaller you could get?
FRIW, or FWIR, FIR-W, maybe? babblebabble……

Sew+Sue+Me (not sesame)? twisty twisty!

02:38 8/18/2007 (pre-testing so this might disappear, take note!)S

Having not found the source for the first-desired song (Baby Talk) I shall revert to the more familiar tunes. These are arranged two ways. If you started them both at the same time, the second song might slice itself in two. I probably will try that trick. They do not loop, but I might change that, too. In fact, I am apt to try almost anything that happens to seem like it should be the next “right” thing to try! For now, this is it!
triple in seventy-nine tis’n
1 18 54


54 18 1

coming or going, or going or coming, cogogoc?

sinister dizziness agog, you have all you somehow almost wished?
it’s music, and might must be joyful noises!


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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14 Responses to Just Another Weird Song (JAWS)™

  1. Let’s see…I was very young when I learned the song and I probably got a lot of the words wrong…but bear with me…this is the way I sang it…the way I sang it to my babies and the way I sing it to my grandbabies….I’ll share just a little piece…

    She cannot speak very well, everybody knows
    But to me she sure looks swell, in her baby clothes
    I ask her if her love is true and she only goes…

    Which means to say she loves me
    I’ll tell the world
    That I love her so, that she wants to be my girl
    I’ll never, never, never let her go-woh…

    hahaha I thought I was the only person left on the planet that is familiar with this Jan and Dean song. I have never met another soul who has heard of it, until now…and I haven’t even met you!

    Thanks for the smile!

  2. Galen says:

    Well, I’ll have to dispute the idea that you got a lot of the words wrong, but I can definitely tune into that “self-assessment on the downside” angle you take on it (you’ll never disappoint me if you view yourself that-away!) because you haven’t made any major errors at all! (okay, in my opinon) And that is why very soon the audio player in this post will be all “filled in” so as not to be mostly blank, and working but with an extra “intro” in your honor (well, that’s the idea anyway, since I’ll be taking a wild guess, again). It seems like it needs a whistle now, since this “rings the mission bell” in my mind!

    One thing leaps right out at me: you have actually been singing this song. This is exactly what I have not been doing! But I can play it on the git-box!!! (not that it even needs it!)

    You have outdone everyone, and nobody knew there was a contest. Even my own memory was not as accurate, since I tried typing out the lyric first, then went to find it, then found a digital image (months ago for those parts) and have not made any reference until just the other day (on the phone). Somehow it seemed like “now was the right time, finally” for an old song mostly forgotten.

    Except by those exceptional few.

    Except by you.

    Hello, Exceptional You! (HEY!)™
    (I’ve been waiting so long to say that!)
    Top Honors Expressed (THE)™
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
    Dozen Roses! Incredible Person! (DRIP?)™
    That was a little bitty tear (let me down, spoiled my act…)

    Thank you for generating countless smiles, and you should remember this (these)! 🙂 ♥ 🙂 ♥ 🙂

  3. spoiled my act as a clown….

    no no! NOT saying YOU spoiled my act…hahaha…just wanted you to know i am familiar with that song, as well. sad to say, though, those are the only words i remember.

    do you bless the lives of all who know you? surely, you must! you have blessed mine today right here…and right over there, where the dixie dandelion hangs out. thank you for the honors, the roses, and the smiles.

    dixie d

    i’ve only just begun blogging on wordpress, so i’m unfamiliar with a lot of it. how can i hear the song and the intro? i’m dying of curiosity.

  4. Galen says:

    I figure the only thing I could ever spoil would be someone else who should not have been a clown like me at one time like I was (or maybe still am!) so naturally it might just be my Hidden Agenda (HA!)™ to figure out some way to find the other Burl Ives fans (we must be a dying breed, since that’s what the passage of time has built into it for us, tick-tock, talk…) because that is the Real conspiracy (theory?) nobody talks about. (We all die eventually whether we want(ed) to or not, shhhhh… don’t tell anyone else you found out from ME!!!)

    You might not always be pleased with what I say, but eventually we should all be able to figure out all of why we did what we did when “they” told us to do it or not to do it, and then told us that we had gotten it right after all, when we stood up to “them” whomever they happen(ed) to be.

    Sometimes the “leader” is trying (either consciously or not) to get you to stand up to the leader, so that it will not be possible to have a “bad” leader in charge of some cowering subhuman populace. What sort of leader wants to be the leader of “babies” anyway? 😉

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. well, the important thing is not that we might not always be pleased with what the other has to say. the important thing is that we accept each other as the people we are. unless someone is totally out to hurt me, which is rare (can only think of two or three cases in my adult life), i can accept people and their uniqueness. when you think of all that goes into a song…the music, the lyrics, the voices …so many different sounds that create either harmony or noise, we can start to realize that this is how it should be with people, too. all the differences are wonderful, and if we try, we can create beautiful music. sadly, many people are out for dischord/discord. there’s a whole lotta yellin’ goin’ on. we can all learn from each other.

    have you ever watched the cartoon series “Rugrats?” angelica pickles is the oldest of the group…maybe 3 years old…and she considers herself the leader of the “dumb babies,” and she does mean things to them just because she can. i guess that’s not leadership, though…how about tyranny?

    looking back, i can believe that my instructor in the class was baiting me a bit, to get me to stand my ground. i think she was a little surprised when i actually convinced her that i was right. i love that lady. she is a really great person.

    dixie d

  6. Galen says:

    The Pickles family seems to me like some kind of weird hyssop and vinegar elixir, in a way. We need them complete along with their sourpuss (future dominatrix?) daughter who wants to be the baby-king-girl! Yes, those cartoons were once a delightful discovery for us when our two children were small. Angelica was the “perfect angel” of petulance, no doubt.

    Your observation and then inference about your intructor: you simply must be right about that, since I have observed this process every day in other scenarios (with or without my cheerios), even if someone wants to challenge using the word “bait” since in fact, we all do that to some degree. We try to “catch” the attention of someone, or maybe we seek the attention of the crowd or even the crown. But having some kind of desire to dominate everyone’s attention, well, that was just never “me” but it sure was my sister, my earthly one, the firstborn, the one who should have always figured she had the advantage simply due to age.

    But she (of all people) was jealous of her younger brother (me) and he knew it. He tried to learn about love in a small family with an older child driven by frequently burning jealousies (many of them gender-based so you can imagine what some of her comments might have been) and the need to have more attention. (These are actually basic human qualities, and I also possess them, or they possess me). And, even though it never happened, I know there were times my sister wished I hadn’t been born.

    I have never had to look far to find someone who would deliberately hurt me. My very own “flesh’n’blood” can and will often so easily do that, nearly every day of my life!!! (I love THEM all, too). This is why I am not afraid of making new friends, and not desperate for ever finding any more either, since if I love them, they’ll likely wish to wring my neck, sooner or later, since I will “bug the heck” out of them if I see something anomalous. My dad hates that word. 😀

    I’ll try to make myself useful somehow, if not entertaining. What else is there? Fame? Fortune? But aren’t these also supposed to be useful and/or entertaining? Maybe I should just keep asking these stupid rhetorical questions which my dad hates along with things anomalous. Foul, anomalous things, they are: fatta? haha! (he is “fatta” than me so that is pro-“traditional” at least!)

    Gotta turn this machine over to my offspring now. I fixed your comments so that the URL for your blog is not IS activated (folks can click to go straight to your pages). I have never stayed with the “Misty Look” theme for long because it seems to have omitted any page-to-page navigation links for the posts (you get to see your most recent 5 posts, but the rest of them more-or-less disappear where you cannot find them unless you know how to type things in the address box or add your own links to page 3, page 4, and so on like I did with page 2 on my side bar in the spot that says “Hit me, fool” which is why I did that).

    Themes are only one “place” to get lost here, at WordPress! 😀 Don’t get lost, get interested!

  7. it’s an anomaly, riker, and so am i. i get lost so easily in the weirdest places. weird because of their relative simplicity when compared to the big city streets i’m learning to navigate in a place i never thought i would live. i find my way around here pretty well. the traffic is awful, but in time, i guess i’ll get used to it. however, i get turned around in doctors’ offices, once i step foot outside the examination room…usually my kids or grandchild…i’m never ill. i also get lost once i step off an elevator, if there are hallways going left and right. i am so easily turned around. yet, i made my way across the united states a few months ago in my trusty old pickup truck and didn’t get lost once.

    after reading your comments, i began tallying up how many people have actually set out to hurt me in the past year or so. i would normally advise people not to do this, but i’m past the pain, so counting may actually do some good. there are five…and one is one of my best friends. or she was…oh wait, let’s make that six. there was another good friend who set out to hurt me, but she will tell you she didn’t.

    well, the secret of my success, whenever it comes, is that i allow myself to hurt. i don’t deny the pain. in fact, i wallow in it for a time, then i get up, dust myself off, and try to get on with life. sometimes it curls back around and bites me in the butt, but for the most part, i just don’t have time or the emotional energy to waste on something negative. i try to turn it around and find a positive note about it. and usually, i can find one. i try to learn a lesson from it. it’s better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness, i always say.

    i had a friend ask me once what it is i pray for. i told him that i pray for wisdom, and he freaked out. “no!!!” he hollered. “don’t do it!!” he said that when you pray for wisdom, Heavenly Father fills your life with trials and challenges, for that’s how wisdom is attained. i still pray for wisdom and enlightenment. my friend thinks i’m stupid. i told him that’s okay; he’s in good company. i am an anomaly: daddy said i was the dumbest daughter he ever had. if nothing else, i am consistent…right?? hahahaha

    oh…and get this: when my daughter was around four, she always called pancakes “pannycakes.” for the longest time, i spelled it “pantycakes,” if i had cause to write the adorable little term, but then i decided that pannycakes sounded more appetizing. i have never in my life heard that term from anyone except her, until i read your blogs. this was also the daughter that was in love with the spice girls and decided to form her own singing group called the singing bloomers. she was thinking flowers. i was thinking of what we used to call girls underwear, so when she told me the name, it conjured the funniest image and i laughed. she almost never got over it, but when she finally understood what i saw in my mind, she laughed too.

    thanks for the tip about the misty theme. what is a good one to use, that will fit my dixie dandelion blogs and that will do the right thing with the pages? thanks, too, for working with my comments so that there is direct link to my pages. one of these days, i’ll get it all figured out.

    one question…you said your sister was your earthly sister? can you tell me more about that? does it mean you have a heavenly sister, too? i don’t mean to pry, but it touched me.

    dixie d

  8. Galen says:

    you’ll have to ask more than one question, or i shall never be satisfied!!! (muaha-ahahaha!)

    i’ll let you know if it seems like prying. i like it how prying and praying are only “a” single letter different, at the heart of it.

    my mom had only two children as far as i’ve ever heard. sometimes i make the distinction about her being earthly, just because i can do that! 🙂

    I’ll certainly be saying more (if I get any more of my “wishes”) than this little amount.

    Nice paragraphs, especially #3 and #4. I wish to laugh further: if it were somehow possible that you are really the dumbest of any number of daughters your dad had, then he must have only had the one, and no more. Worse, if you were a twin, then your daddy is a dolt. But I shouldn’t say bad things about your daddy, should I? I mean, not unless I’m willing to back it up like “a man” somehow?

    How? This is where I really have to “play dumb” since I’d have to use something manly, and I’m not going to do that! (hahahahaha, “daddy”) 😛

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. I can’t get the music to play in the JAWS blog. Just want you to know I’m trying!!

  10. Galen says:

    If you hadn’t alerted me I would not have looked to see if anything might be stuck, and now that I tried something I had not checked, my guess is that you probably are using Internet Explorer (unless you’re not on some PC but instead you have the MAC approach) and since I had not tried it with that browser (I am using Mozilla, akin to and “like” FireFox which is actually the descendant), I had only worked on it until it played here on my machine.
    The most valuable advice anyone gives me is when something does not “work” the way they believe it was intended (and they can go ahead and decide what they know I should have intended) so that we can adjust anything adjustable. This is not what is usually meant by being a “tweaker” and therefore I am not that, either!
    I am going to take the birdcalls and put them at the end, and see if the song part plays. When I tried this post in IE, the first player hangs but those second two (which are like “twins” in a way) did play. So maybe after I switch it around with the people music first and the birds second, it will work. Or I’ll put the birds in their own cage! There are many ways to rearrange this material.

  11. i CANNOT tell you how wonderful it was to hear “baby talk” again. i could still sing along with it, right down to the final ooooh-oh-oh-oh woo-woo-wee-ooooo on fade out. holy vinyl grooves, batman…that was freakin awesome!

    one reason i liked it so much was because it was a departure from their other songs. correct me if i’m wrong: deadman’s curve, sidewalk surfing…and did they sing the little old lady from pasadena (go, granny, go, granny, go, granny, go…)? one of my other favorites of theirs was poor little puppet.

    once he had a mind of his own, he used to be a man amongst men, everything went swell til he met that jezebel and he hasn’t been the same since then, and i doubt if he ever will again…poor little puppet, she’s got him tied to a string, that poor little thing, he does what she wants every time she pulls/moves her finger….

    btw…i sing a lot. i love to sing; kitchen sink, shower, and while driving my truck are my preferred venue. oh and i love to sing while frying chicken because all the noisy fry sound feels like a standing ovation to me.

    did you say there were bird calls attached to the song? i couldn’t hear those, but the song played beautifully all the way through.

    re: valuable advice when things aren’t working

    yes. as much as i love writing and am thrilled right down to my toes when someone likes my work, i LOVED it when my college writing instructors bled all over my papers. one professor thought i was a little nuts when, after getting an A on a story with very little red spilled on it because she was scoring only for the grade to pass the class, i told her to please go back through it and be heartless. she just stared at me. i said i can’t really learn more from your praise. i will learn from your criticism. she smiled and then bled all over the place!

    oh, and i’ve gone through the themes and just can’t find anything else that fit my vision for my blogs, so i’m glad to know that the misty thing is good. i do have lots of pictures of dandelions, taken with my very own nikon. in one part of my yard, where i used to live, i let one area grow wild and free, just so i could keep some dandelions.

    dixie d

  12. Galen says:

    I think I’ll fix up a dandelion header of my own (and then change it after a while) just to (perhaps) pre-imitate what you might want to do with the one on this layout/theme/presentation (they could have called them “motifs” or something even more elegant sounding, I suppose, but that is really stretching the idea).

    I have to hand it to you: I can barely remember “Poor Little Puppet” and never owned a copy on plastic/vinyl (or I’ve forgotten that particular one… oh please not that!) so it might show up here in less-than-fair-use style, as it is not really within my supposed “rights” to touch anything without paying for it first, even if it’s nearly 50 years old (original copyright idea was that 28 yeass, I think it was, was all the royalty-desserts anyone should need for ownership of their intellectual property, but we make the rules and we can change them to make ourselves even more exalted, when we decide it is time to become more kingly). I want to hear that one again. You’ve made me jealous!!! (that was the plan, wasn’t it?) 😀

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Galen says:

    I split the first player into two different styles or genre perhaps is more like it. Possibly the fact that the bird call files are so relatively small and only last a few seconds makes some part of these really fast machines get lost in the smallness of it all?

    Anyhow, I shall be finding sounds to make words with, or some other way to unmix it all! 🙂
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. i love the dandelions! dandelion fields forever! i saw me on your top clicks!!! thank you so much! i’m still trying to figure out the sidebar thing, but i’ll get there eventually…
    [note: and i will enjoy watching you learn, or helping you along if you actually need it since you actually do the discovery process quite naturally, from what i gather — i will continue to fix the link in the URL: box in your comments here until you type it in there and I no longer find it left undone since it only takes very few keystrokes, like TAB or Shift-TAB, ctrl-C or crtl-V, along with the phrase wordpress.com and I get the thing fixed really quick, like playing one short phrase on the piano with either hand, for example. i rarely play the piano anymore, but it has not “left” met! My hands surely need something to do to keep my gray matter from thinking it is the only thing of any importance! I suppose I could take up knitting again! (but why????) –g]

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