House Of Pantycakes (HOP)™


One of my schoolmates from decades ago, during those decadent years of youthful gone-by-ness and foolery, this guy named Neil used to say Don’t get your knickers caught in an uproar! and yet nobody was actually wearing any knickers.

From this you may conclude we were all nudists, back in the day. That is not entirely wrong, but it is wrong anyhow. Some of us were and some of us weren’t and I still can keep my shirt on. If I take off my shirt and remove it, thus doffing it, not only does it show off my manliness (in and about the chest area) in all of its lackingness (compared to what? the “old” me is *not any better* than everyone else now just like it was before, since it is totally non-present and missing, now) but it also risks me forgetting where I’ve gone and put that shirt aside and then leaving it behind when I leave without it on me, like some kind of nudist.

I am only a nudist part of the time. Usually, in private. Never in public, since if I did that (private things right in front of everyone) then I would have nothing private left, except my innards.

I did not really want to spill my actual guts here, did I? Man, what an ugly mess I would make, but for me that would be thematically consistent and this I may always love, without knowing why, staying on topic and on top of the topic, and covering many things all at once, is not easy! Some people make it look so easy, don’t they?

Panty-cakes, panty-cakes, bay, curse man,
Bay, cuss “CAKES” as fast as you can!!!


(hurry along now!)

* * * bonus tracks will appear here, untested at first, so wait a few minutes perhaps hours even * * *


About Galen

Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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15 Responses to House Of Pantycakes (HOP)™

  1. Amy says:

    I don’t have time to listen to your music right now… I have to get to work. Just wanted to stop by and see what’s new. TTFN.

  2. Galen says:

    Hey, good morning (2.5 hours ago, it must be past 11 by now so I have not missed the entire boat this time!) you busy worker, you! You might eventually have time to listen to the five songs in the first player (at low audio quality, they almost “stream” in through my dialup) or the one song in the bonus player (which seems like it takes longer than the other five since I have to wait a long time like five minutes or more to get the whole song in there so I can refresh the page without paying any penalty of waiting even more.

    That’s what it is like for anyone who cannot afford to get a high speed connection. Those folks (which seem to include me but I am going to upgrade soon or just admit that this is how I always will do things, the hard way).

    You should, quite often but not always, be too busy for all my possible distractions. But surely you’ll have some time for it and it won’t be like next year. On the other hand or foot, you ought to have time next year too, but we’ll be doing something else then, with any “luck” which does not exist. 🙂

    I need to do a bit more recording and putting those things here instead of only rehashing the old things in different combinational ways. Anyone could do that, but not everyone is blessed or unblessed with a skill that they cannot lose.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Amy says:

    Yeah, I might have time later. I’m just being kept busy doing lots of binding today. Now it’s time for lunch, though, so off I go to eat and get my nose glued into a book. Yay!!


  4. Galen says:

    You are wise to include a good book in your plans. As usual, your wording reminds me of some folks I used to know who only had the nose and the glue at their neverending lunch break, and they are permanently out-to-lunch now, while I have remained unglued to them, but not the book. Stupid 2/3 people. Pick any four letters out of six for 2/3 people, but how to start? Peop, Eopl, Ople? Splits my head just tying to ache it! Always have a book handy if you want to glue your nose into, onto, or near anything!!! 😀

    My coffee-loving father wants me to enjoy coffee with him soon and I am technically late for that, paying attention to “someone else” besides himself, but I claim that I am doing it for Himself, so (as usual, like with you and your wording) my own Dad has no idea what I mean by that! You do, of course!

    Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely daughter, girls as sharp as her are something rare… she’s made it clear enough, it ain’t no good to bind!

    Herman’s Hermits, Peter Noone, and not nobody, neither! (Obscure References, OR…). ♥ Stay on that beat, my friend! You’ve got the timing right if anyone does. †

  5. Amy says:

    Lunch zoomed by much too quickly, now it’s back to binding I go.

    Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to work I go…

  6. Amy says:

    The problem with getting my nose glued in the book is that my nose never wants to come back out. Glue is very sticky, you know, and it’s hard to get something unglued, you know.

  7. tearsofmine says:

    *waves* i actually made a post today…random and rambling too!

    if i am awake later tonight (after free mins) i guess i should try & call…to update you on the FMIL front…if you catch me there…i didnt feel like typing all that out. 😛

  8. Galen says:

    Oh, if it is not apparent, I will look forward to that (and understand if something unforeseen gets in the way, somehow) and we can figure that I’ll check to see if I knew what FMIL meant! (Plus, the bonus to that is that if I’m wrong and not stuck in denial as with “edge of 17” and the one-winged dove, ooh, baby, that’ll be just as much fun being wrong as being right!) Corrections are good, when they are “called for” and don’t I know that? (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t!)

    Shortcuts are fun, as long as nobody stays “lost” and feels broken by that feeling. As if I do not know that feeling well! 😀


  9. tearsofmine says:

    FMIL=Future Mother In Law…

  10. Galen says:

    Oh, you mean like the reverse of my Mother-In-Law-Formerly (MILF)™ which I joked about somewhere in that part of eternity that has gone behind us? Since she’s the future, and I’m all over that part of my future. (this makes me laugh, as if demented, rather than because it seems funny)

    FILM at 11! No, that’s not write! Call me shovel, or call a spade a spayed, cat! Meow, or mew? I ♥ U! 😀

  11. Amy says:

    You’re a nutcase, Galen. Did anyone ever tell you that?

  12. tearsofmine says:

    haha…i have a Bette Midler song stuck in my head…and I just rememebered I didn’t put anything out to thaw for dinner…hmm, I’m thinkin it’s hotdogs and mac & cheese tonight.


  13. Galen says:

    Did anyone ever forget to tell me that the case of the nut is in the presence of the raver? No? I saw nut and case, that’s good enough for me to know what you’re calling me.

    Duane Galen Redfield = Feudal Line Deranged

    You’re going to hand me the zero, and make me just F0LD up, aren’t you? Paper cranes, anyone? Peace out!

    What song by Bette? She didn’t do a cover on Mother In Law, did she? Now I have to go find that one, and I do not have time for it!!!! (frustration is my third middle name with the eye in it?)

    oops, gotta go pick dad up at the dentist. man he is sooooo heavy, and he ain’t my bruddah! 😀
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. tearsofmine says:

    “i think it’s gonna rain today”-that’s the song by bette that was stuck in my head….i’ll post the lyrics up for ya at my site…now another soundtrack to add to my list of wants…that was an oh so great movie…though i sob everytime i watch it. “Beaches” starring Bette and Barbara Hershey

    oh and if you get the chance, just a suggestion…go to the library and look for ‘The Mermaid Chair’…written by someone Monk Kidd or something….it’s an excellent book though!!

  15. Galen says:

    The author is Sue Monk Kidd, who is not quite a year older than my sister, who prior to hitting it big in literary realms, got her start in nursing (sound familiar?) and has gone on to bigger and better thing$$$$ so of course, I have some problems with the author and her obviously better life, in other words, personally if I knew this woman, I could not accept her the way she is now: way *too* full of herself. Sometimes the saying “familiarity breeds contempt” can be applied to avoiding any hero-worship, and that is something (for me anyway) so easy to fall into when we want to look up to someone or something.

    So far you might think I won’t go look for that book, or her other novel (“The Secret Life of Bees”) but that’s not true. I gotta find out what she has to say (if I can fit it into the priorities as I figure getting me to be culturally accepted is not worth the effort now), if for not other reason than to possibly see what everyone else thinks is so wonderful. The claim that something is not good or worthwhile cannot be made from the position of ignorance, so I’ll go find almost any book you recommend if I can just to see what I think of it, and not always figure I’ll agree, nor will I have to agree.

    Chances are that I will not automatically believe what she says about women or men just because she is a women or has known lots of men intimately. This is only a record of length, but not one of character. Having an abundance of evidence does not constitute best evidence, in ordinary or legal circles. More is not better, unless the “more” included the “better” part also.

    Perhaps she’s above criticism and beyond reproach. She might be and I simply doubt it. After all, I think she probably claims to be Christian, but seems to me like the exact dual of heathen successes. Or I am using different standards for the two groups, and picking on the good guys, which are women with money and power and influence.

    I’m none of those things, nor would I want to be. Not even as a man would I want to be those things.

    Oh, if “somebody” does not like it, I should say what everyone says, but twisted like this:

    “So… Sue me (while we let the monk kidd us all)!!!

    ♥ 😀 ♥
    (that was too easy)

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