Aching Nostalgia This (ANT)™


Maybe you didn’t have an “ant farm”Uncle Milton had a farm, ants did dance to trance when you were a kid or still are a kid and don’t have one now, or maybe you don’t even know what an “ant farm” is. Thing about that is that ants already know how to do their farming, and we think we can teach them something. Yeah, right. Sure we can. If we can teach ants anything like we teach ourselves and each other (and the younger ones must be in school for fairness to exist) nearly everything, the ants are doomed for sure.

This was selected by my future (and now present as well) ex-wife when she was still my future wife, but not yet my wife. We might have had this at the ceremony if that plan had not been modified due to circumstances beyond the reach of ordinary average people who do not like reaching beyond the ordinary. Not usually they don’t. No reaching, or reaching in, or over the back. Violation of rules, stop game, award free throws. Anyway, this is from 1979, they were The Babies or it might actually have been spelled and spelt Babys, but I do not want to be accurate here, and this is “Every Time I Think Of You (It Always Turns Out Good)” which it certainly did NOT!!! Listen to the neo-symphonical classiness of it:
My sorry admission now is that only the non-lyric part of this is unpainful to me, and especially the title and especially the personal significance.

If this song would disappear, I would not mind it and might actually like that happening. But I like the musical aspect of it enough that I would try to stop it from disappearing, just to keep the good part. Which means keep all of it. You cannot separate the good from the bad when it comes to good music. It has some of the “bad” in it just to be “real” since it is, when it is being played, or performed, for real, with real musicians, Synchronizing Their Efforts Well (STEW)™.

Okay time for some rest on this side of the N/A continent. Siesta, if I am not erroneously mistaken and goofing again. Funny goofer. Gunny foofer. Lee you sater?


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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2 Responses to Aching Nostalgia This (ANT)™

  1. urbanpixie says:

    I never owned one myself (bad, bad parents) but had a serious case of ant-farm envy as a kid. Perhaps it’s time I tried it?

    Thanks for the blast to the past. Now, where’s that Lite-Brite?

    Sorry about the song. There’s always at least one that haunts!

  2. Galen says:

    You got to have *LITE-BRITE*??? Even with my favorite ones, the Green Lite-Brites? I never, EVER got to have any lite-brites — not a single ONE (them toy scientists took way too long coming up with that one!) and I never ever got to play any video games as a kid at all!!!
    (same problem, I done got myself all born too soon, fast, fast parents? I can just hear them…)

    A little nostalgia can go a long way, and maybe too far if I get my hands on it! 😀

    Thanks for saying something, and making me think outside my own box-elder berry vine entangling us all. I got lost again, didn’t I? 😉

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