Each Days End Needs (EDEN)™


But only if the letters are the same, can it really be truly true in more ways than one, but at least we know of one. Anagrams are nice if they happen to match something you know is true. Or if the thing is something you might want to find out is true but you are not certain about it. To accept using them for anything, the yield must be considered whether it suggests “good” or “bad” and we can try to see if some kind of “hint” or “guidance” or even the suggestion of some “lesson to seek for learning” would be in the anagram and just “go with it in good faith” as the saying goes. If the saying goes that way, that is. If there is a saying like that one. I do not know for certain if I have actually heard some of the things I say, and am merely repeating them, perhaps in my “own words” or whatever I should call that way of saying it “my way” and not someone else’s way (such as my father’s way of saying it the exact same way whenever he repeats himself, without any “other words” being used except his favorite ones) when in fact I have many ways to say the same thing, with different words each time.

A Day In The Life

nothing for me, thanks!

This is because I learned to be Versatile (V)™, rather than Fixed And Rigid (FAR)™ all the time. The odd part about this, or rather the unusual part, even (and not odd), is that I can be FAR sometimes, while maintaining my V, since it is included in the larger set of V which is, at times, fixed and/or rigid, and at other times, it is Fairly Giving And Submissive (F-GAS)™ rather than FAR™ like my dad, the king. Or did I mean, the King, or The King, or The KING, or…

He’s just being DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know the type, don’t you? The type who knows not how to type, nor why, nor for whom, nor what good it would do, because he does not do that type of thing.

The typing thing.

Tai Ping?
23:00 8/14/2007
Anyone could have figured this out, if it means anything:
Each Days End Needs = = Sandy Headed Scene


04:02 8/15/2007

Consolation prizes are here, for anyone wanting to live in the past with me where everything seems all dead and stuff!!! NOT!!! It is funny. FUUUUNNNNYYYEEEEEEEE!!!! (that stretches the word out, you see)

four stones and five beatles:

++genal galen


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Nearly over some hills, still a fool on whatever this thing is where I stand
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14 Responses to Each Days End Needs (EDEN)™

  1. Amy says:

    “I can’t get no satisfaction…”

    I can relate to that…lately nothing has been making me happy…I don’t know what the problem is. Nothing’s satisfying me. I want to do something, but at the same time I don’t; even if I did, I don’t know what to do. And there isn’t anyone to do it with, anyway. Discontent. That’s the word to describe me, I suppose. Discontent and bored.


    How do you get so many songs on one player? How do you get the player on your site? Where do you find the songs? Do you think they’d be able to be posted on diaryland? (If you could teach this old dog some new tricks, that is. 😉 –that old dog is me by the way.)

    The songs you put on your blog are — for the most part — wonderful for working alongside. Slap on the headphones, hit “play” and work away, “up, up, and away, in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon!” 😛 o:-) <I’m a little cherub!! 😛


    I think it’s amazing how The Beatles don’t even sound that British. (Their accents, you know?)

  2. Galen says:

    People used to ask me why I was humming to myself all the time instead of getting a Walkman™ like they had. Well, I can still hear the music even without the player. The player makes it easier and of course then it is not just me hearing whatever song I thought of hearing again. (word word word word == words)

    I need to (somehow) explain how to do this for everyone and of course I sure wish I knew how things work at diaryland (I might have actually started up one there and forgot it, but I don’t think so) so I don’t know how you might put things on your pages.

    If I can find (where?) time for it I might figure that part out, but I find the songs on the web by searching. I still use Google for some of it but mostly I have “other” ways to decide which of the many clues to follow, and they do not always or even usually come from the good old G-machine now. (They never did, even when I used the G before it was the big thing to do.)

    Among the many qualities that music can have is the ability to make the journey seem shorter, make the load seem lighter, make the sadness seem more like happiness, and all those things you already know.

    La-la-la!!! ♫ ♥ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♥ ♫

  3. Amy says:

    LOL. That “La-la-la!!!” just reminded me of a song…a random song:

    “Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away,
    On my way to where the air is sweet.
    Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
    How to get to Sesame Street?”

    ♫ ♦ ♫ ♦ ♫

  4. Tricia says:

    Why do leave comments on my guestbook, but then act as if you’re talking to someone other than me?! Your entries feel impersonal, and I don’t like that.

  5. tearsofmine says:

    *Waves* having a rough day today. i’m going back to bed. g’day or nite.

  6. Galen says:

    good rest, get some, you overworked person

    Are you trying to say I’m autistic, or should I ignore you again? (this is supposed to be so weird that you have to laugh instead of figuring out what it “means”) I thought guestbooks were for you to have comments for you and the others to read, and I often speak to the “entire room” instead of its owner. This is (as you’ve noticed) rather rude. Now, what can we do about me?

    (giggle) ♥

  7. Tricia says:

    Yes, I’ve met people who had senses of humor I couldn’t understand, you being one of them. I’ve also been accused of not having one.

  8. Galen says:

    That last sentence makes you more interesting to me than most anyone else I’ve paid any attention to in a long, long time. It is not possible for you to lack completely any sense of humor whatsover. Even my cats have a sense of humor, and you’re way more complex than any of them. By comparison, it is easily possible for me to fail recognizing just what it is that always seems funny to you. There must be something that you always recognize as being not meant to annoy, but meant to amuse, while we figure things out about each other and all that kind of thing. It would be really easy for me to be jealous of *you* and I do not even know you.

    So I figure something is wrong with the way I say it, with the way I try to “make light of it” and it does not come across that way. If it seems like I do not care about your feelings, then I have sent the wrong message and it doesn’t matter if I tried to keep things from being “too serious” and thus be ignored.

    Being ignored is one thing I know you do not like. Neither do I, and yet it was never my wish simply to get all the attention. That was how the louder sibling behaved. You know, the one that always made me look bad? My only other model, my own sister, the firstborn.

    If there were some reason to think that firstborn children are unfairly despised by their younger siblings, we could rewrite that story about Cain and Abel, and figure that’s what it is. Perhaps deep down, lingering from my younger days, that old fear of growing old anyway, and now I just don’t like all these younger folks coming along and showing us all how lame I truly am.

    Well, it *could* be what my subconscious has blocked, couldn’t it? If so, I am doing a really good job of hiding it. You will help to reveal that, if nothing else. I believe we have something else to do. All of us, not just the ones with the most talent, whatever that means!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Galen says:

    We have three of them and their names all start with the letter T.

    What a nice letter, that one, the letter T!!!

    Does this mean I am “hot” for T-(cher)?

    Van Halen is getting back together. Well, if they got it right the first time, why did they stop? I never can figure that part out. What, exactly, is this idea known as “success” anyway?

    Just a seven letter word, maybe. How about a sound? Ka-ching? Ka-thump?

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Tricia says:

    I have four cats. Their names are Max, Marina, Tiger, and Willy. I gave Tiger her name. The other cats already had their names when they were adopted.

    Do your cats’ names really begin with “T”, or were you just being silly again?

    I still don’t have you figured out yet. I no longer dislike you though.

    Who or what is Van Halen?

  11. Galen says:

    You have asked questions. I know what to do now. (me good at ‘dis, oh yeah!)

    #1: Tickles is the name of the senior member, she is the dragon lady a lot of the time! She knows what she wants. Sometimes I can get the idea. I know who created her, but do not understand everything about that connection. She closes her eyes a lot (squeezes them) and I think she might be saying “thank you” to someone. Maybe not! She’s almost 15 years old now, and not really slowing down, especially in her mind (crabby as ever). Recently she has begun to accept cat #3, but he’s still on extended probation. The next cat is her recent secret pal, and she does not want anyone to notice it. I have noticed it anyway, or maybe I meant “amyway” which is even better! 🙂

    #2: Tigger was named by my daughter with no input from me, unlike the first one there, where it was because the kitten had slept her first night on my chest and tickle my face as some kind of all-nighter that I never expected. But this cat here is definitely more of a rescue than the first since he was basically living out of a dumpster. He seems to have no voice, yet it really is there. Recently he has decided to really let it fly, and you can actually hear a distinct “meow” sound there, which ain’t bad for a six-year old, or is it eight?!!! 😀

    #3: Teekoe came along about two years ago, as the second in a pair that was hangin’ out at my ex-wife’s apartment, while she and Marty were still together, and they did not want to have two (2) cats to add to their family, so my daughter brought one home to add to the two cats (2 cats) that we already had. Thus, our Teekoe (or Tico as I had thought) is still here and has survived a recently broken jaw due to driver unawareness (hit and run, over the cat), but his brother Billy probably did not make it much past one year (dead cat syndrome). Maybe it was something in the air, over there, or the draw of the luck.

    I wanted to say that it was short for Sympatico, and thus the spelling of his nickname as Tico. But I have been redirected to know that his name is actually not spelt the way I wanted. Probably that is why I pout so much, or try to anyway!

    I am glad that you have found something more interesting than discord. Van Halen is the last name of two brothers (Eddie, Alex) who had a band, and also families and children (perhaps) and through the miracle of realizing how good the good old days were, they are going to do it again, but as old men like me. Now that could get scary, but the music will (probably) totally rock, since that was the part they had right. The sound. The rhythm. But not necessarily the meaning. Who listens to the meaning? (methinks about God during times like these)

    They played at a concert that I almost went to in 1979, but the vomit on the seats was enough to convince me that popular culture was definitely sick, and getting sicker. Seems like I should have made a bigger deal of it, then, and not now! 😀

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Tricia says:


    Your cats have interesting names, Galen!

    I still haven’t figured out how to respond to that last guestbook message of yours. Maybe something will come to me later.

  13. Galen says:

    You have more interesting cat names with your cats than I do, or that’s how it seems to me!!! (My cats names no longer impress me in the least, except for when I get to tell about them again) 🙂

    “[…] haven’t figured out how to respond…”

    You mean where I try to explain how some mistakes are more interesting than others, when I think about them in terms of that legendary past that we all know is there but do not know how to “trust” exactly? Yeah, you might not have any clear response to that yet, since I have only the foggiest notion that every little thing can count if we want it to, in a positive or negative way, and then we can go “forward” from there if we have any idea what that is.

    Well, we do have the idea about that, or my name is not something I’ve played with way too much!!! (“as if”) 🙂 ♥ Your fourth cat has the same name as my ex’s current choice for the correct “life partner” and that would be good if Willy was the end of it. Surely though, you’ll have more cats, and I will be glad to know their names, even though they are not people! They are our teachers…

    ♥ ♥ ♥

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